The Abyssal damages are a cool small post-game feature. Brimming with old treasure, the ruins are discovered underwater, on the bottom that Undella Bay . To reach them you require HM06 - Dive , which deserve to be received from Hugh by speaking through him in Undella city after beating the elite Four.

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When you’re ready, head to Undella Town and make your method east in the direction of Undella Bay. Usage Surf to relocate onto the water and head east. Near the coast you’ll find the very first dive spot, denoted by a dark spot of water. Due eastern you’ll find another spot come the north-east and also south-east you’ll discover the other two spots.

After teaching Dive to a Pokemon, you can move top top the dive spots and use the relocate to head underwater. When you’re below the surface, press and also hold ‘Up’ on the D-Pad or one Pad till you with the enntrance gate of the ruins and head ~ above through.

Depending on whereby you entered, you’ll begin in a different component of the first floor that the ruins. If you gotten in via the west dive spot, you’ll start at the western entrance. If you gone into via the eastern dive spot, you’ll start at the eastern entrance and also so on.

There room no Pokemon found in the Abyssal Ruins, only a range of beneficial ancient items which have the right to be collected. The greatest thing to keep in mind is the after relocating over around 500 tiles, you’ll be swept earlier outside the ruins and will need to re-enter at the first floor, no matter how much into the ruins you were.

For this reason, you’ll need to enter a number of times if you want to collection every single item in the ruins (around five times would certainly be the pure minimum).

Exploration Tips¶

Plan ahead. Minimising the number of tiles friend cover by minimising or eliminating heading under wrong courses or taking much longer routes 보다 you have to will mean that you’ll have the ability to explore much more in a solitary run, therefore you’ll be excellent in a shorter time.

Explore Abyssal ruins 1F in sections. Looking at the map, friend should have the ability to tell the 1F is split into 4 parts, v all parts leading to the centre of the floor. It’s ideal to completely complete one part before relocating to the next. This will assist minimise the variety of tiles you relocate over.

It doesn’t issue which enntrance gate to 1F friend come from; all space the same distance away from the entrance to 2F.

When aiming because that Abyssal ruins 4F, it’s best to forget around all various other items and also focus on do the route you take as quick as possible. It’s no exceptionally difficult to with 4F by any type of means, yet you don’t desire to be brushed up out that the damages a few steps prior to you take the Relic Crown there, currently do you?

You have the right to do about two quarters (or a tiny less) that Abyssal ruins 1F every run, therefore it’ll take you 2 or 3 (probably three) trips prior to you’ve cleared just the an initial floor. You deserve to do almost all of Abyssal ruins 2F in a solitary run, as with Abyssal damages 3F.

When ~ above a brand-new run, ~ clearing out 1F, you have to head straight to the enntrance gate to 2F so the you’re not wasting time and can discover more. Some with 3F ~ clearing out 2F.

Note the you’ll require to have a Pokemon that deserve to use Flash and also one that deserve to use Strength . If girlfriend don’t, friend won’t it is in able to accessibility 3F or 4F, so save that in mind.

This is due to the fact that you need to use speed when adjacent to the purple moveable block in 2F, prevent the enntrance gate to 3F, and also use stamin when nearby to the block in 3F. This will cause them to move out of the way and permit you through.


As you make your method through the ruins, girlfriend can check the purple walls to uncover lines that unreadable symbols. If friend speak to Zinzolin, who’s standing about the center of Undella Town, the icons will be automatically translated into English letters, but won’t make any kind of sense.

That is, till you check out the letters backwards. As soon as you with the second floor, in enhancement to reading the text backwards, you must additionally go backwards a letter because that each letter. So “M” would certainly actually it is in “L”. Climate backwards two letters for the third floor and also backwards three letters for the fourth and last floor.

When effectively read, the mysterious text gives you super-vague hints as to how to progress through the ruins. But since you’re analysis our guide, you don’t really require their help. Top top the fourth floor, there room some signs that can’t be analyzed at all and appear as black circles instead.

Once you’ve progressed through come the finish of the ruins, Zinzolin will certainly be so impression he’ll provide you a Big Pearl the next time friend speak come him.

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Other 보다 that, there’s not much else to be said. Have fun exploring and also make sure you don’t miss any kind of items.