This is a very basic engineering activity that provides trash to do a cool project. Elegant did it as soon as a few months back at the girl in STEM workshop in ~ a neighborhood science center, and she loved it.

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I"m certain your kids will love it, too. Seize a huge stack the scrap paper and obtain started. (We store a crate for scrap paper - papers where one side has actually been published on, normally for contracts, misprints, calendars, and also the like.)

Paper Tower Materials

A role of masking tapeA stack of 8.5"x11" paper - We supplied plain white inputting paper, however you could also use construction document or any similarly sized papers.


Roll increase one item of paper from one corner, favor this:
When it"s every rolled up, usage a piece of masking tape to secure the end.
Roll increase 15 an ext pieces of record in the exact same way.Use the stack of file sticks and also the roll of masking tape to make the tallest free-standing tower possible.Roll more document sticks as essential to make your tower taller.When your child is all done building, test the tower for strength by do the efforts to punch it over. If it drops over, she must go back to the illustration board and try again.

The Science

This job looks at one of the earliest engineering challenges in the world - elevation versus stability. Everyone deserve to make a high tower, however a high tower that will certainly stand approximately a solid wind is a whole different matter every together.

Your children will usage their scientific research muscles to style a tower, implement their design, and then adjust as castle build. Then, if your tower drops over and also they try a second design, they are learning so much! They will make a new design utilizing what they found the an initial time.

Also, this is a an excellent follow-up activity to the Which shape is strongest? task from critical week. This one will enable them to construct on the triangle and also square building that they go then.

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There room a million methods to construct a document tower using this method, yet the ideal designs usually have actually a strong wide base, a low center of gravity, and also an open up design.

Extend the Experiment

If your children think this is also easy, challenge them to construct a tower using a single sheet of document and the role of masking tape. That is much harder!

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