Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P0353 Ignition coil C, primary/secondary -circuit malfunction Wiring, ignition coil, ECM

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What Does password P0353 Mean?

The ignition system converts battery voltage into the high voltage offered to ignite the cylinder air/fuel mixture. The short voltage next of the system is described as the major circuit. It includes the battery, ignition switch, primary coil winding, a triggering device (such together a crankshaft sensor) and also switching an equipment (such as an ignition module or ECU). The high voltage next of the device is referred to as the secondary circuit. On modern-day vehicles it includes the coil pack and spark plugs.

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Current modern technology has excellent away with numerous ignition contents of the past. This includes items such as the distributor, cap, rotor – and now also the spark plug wires. Modern engines use only a coil fill that sits directly on optimal of the spark plug.


A coil pack


The coil fill is provided to transform the low main circuit voltage to high an additional voltage required to fire the plugs. The coil load is usually a transformer, which has actually coils of cable inside. The main side has actually a couple of hundred turns of wire, conversely, the second side has actually thousands. Current is applied to the primary side that the coil, which create a magnetic field roughly the winding. Then, the existing is interrupted by a switching an equipment (usually the PCM). This reasons the magnetic ar to collapse, inducing a voltage into the winding. Simultaneously, the collapsing magnetic ar creates a voltage in the secondary winding. Because the an additional winding consists of many more turns the wire, output voltage is raised to countless volts. This is sufficient to fire the spark plugs.

The PCM set an ignition coil regulate circuit password P0351-P0358 once it detects a problem with the ignition coil circuit. The last digit of these codes referrals the cylinder wherein the issue is occurring. For example, P0351 suggests a error in the #1 cylinder coil circuit. Likewise, P0358 shows a trouble with the coil circuit on cylinder #8. Fine let the variable x was standing in for the critical digit throughout this article, together troubleshooting is the exact same for every of this codes.

What are the common reasons of code P0353 ?

To sum things up, the common reasons for password P0353 space as follows:

Faulty ignition coilProblem in the ignition coil circuitProblem through the PCM

What room the symptom of code P0353 ?

In addition to an illuminated examine engine light, the most typical symptom is one ignition misfire. Often, P035x codes will also be accompanied by a misfire code (P0300-P0308).

How perform you troubleshoot code P0353 ?

The complying with steps will aid you diagnose a P035x code:

Visually check the coil pack and also it’s connector

The first still is to visually inspect the coil pack and also its connector. Look at for points like broken wires, corrosion, etc. Numerous times a trouble can be fixed with just a an easy visual inspection.

Swap coil packs

If you have an energetic misfire top top one cylinder, swap the coil with another cylinder that is not misfiring. Check out the misfire counter on the scan tool. If the misfire move to the cylinder through the swapped coil, you understand the coil is defective and not the regulate circuit. If however, the misfire continues to be on the exact same cylinder, you understand the control circuit is come blame.

Test the coil

Alternately, friend can shot testing the coil through a digital multimeter. This check checks the resistance the the coil. However, this check doesn’t constantly work in determining a faulty coil. Countless technicians overlook it every together, however it’s worth stating anyhow due to the fact that it’s basic to perform. Start by disconnecting the coil connector. Affix one command of your multimeter to each terminal on the coil and collection the meter to review ohms. This exam the coil main circuit; common readings have to be 0.4 to 2 ohms. Above the manufacturer’s repair info for the exact specifications.

Next, examine the secondary circuit resistance. Execute this by attaching one meter cause the B+ terminal top top the coil and also the other to the coil calculation tower. Common readings have to be 6,000 to 15,000 ohms. As soon as again, the manufacturer’s repair information should it is in consulted for precise specifications.


Testing coil resistance


Check because that power

Next, inspect the coil because that power. This can easily be done with either a test light or digital multimeter collection to volts. Disconnect the coil and touch one meter lead to the B+ top top the harness side of the connector while emotional the other result in ground. You must see around 12 volts on your meter lead. Note: on part vehicles the engine will need to be cranked throughout this test.

As in the chart below, most ignition coils re-publishing the exact same fuse and/or relay that feeds the strength supply. So, if an separation, personal, instance coil is not getting power, suspect and open or quick circuit in the wiring to the coil. The manufacturing facility wiring chart will should be traced for further testing.


An instance of a ignition mechanism wiring schematic

(Courtesy: AllData)

Test the PCM regulate circuit

If everything checks out so far, you’ll desire to check the PCM regulate side the the circuit. Recall that the PCM intermittently supplies ground come the coil for wanted operation. The easiest means to test this is with an LED light or a noid irradiate (designed for testing fuel injector control). Affix the red lead of the LED into the B+ terminal top top the harness next of the coil connector. Then, affix the black color lead the the LED right into the B- terminal on the connector. Have an assistant crank the engine if you monitor the test light. If the light illuminates, the regulate side of the circuit is good. If not, over there is a trouble in the wiring or a difficulty with the PCM.

Narrow this under by checking because that continuity to the PCM. Collection your meter to ohms and also connect one result in the B- terminal ~ above the coil connector and also the various other to the coil terminal at the PCM. If your meter reads OL, there is an open up somewhere in the circuit that need to be repaired.

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If over there is continuity, doubt a problem with the PCM. You can inspect whether the PCM is giving ground come the coil v a multimeter collection to volts. Attach one meter cause the coil terminal in ~ the PCM and also the various other to the battery optimistic terminal. Have an assistant crank the engine. You need to see approximately 12 volts on her meter as soon as the PCM grounds the circuit. If not, the PCM is likely faulty.