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As 2020 approaches, Rob’s made decision to tidy up the office, clear out some old things and include some brand-new touches piersonforcongress.comme the workplace – choose a vase of flowers. However for Feifei there’s just one old point she’d favor to replace with a new one. The sounds favor a perfect excuse to teach a new English expression that can be used currently of year!


FeifeiHello. It’s time because that The English us Speak, through you, Rob…

Rob… and also you, Feifei. Hello!

Feifei So, Rob, one more year over.

Rob Yes, good-bye 2019. It’s to be a good year, however it’s time because that a clean up.

FeifeiRob’s tidying up! Why, Rob?

Rob Well, there’s so much junk lying around – let’s clear the end the old stuff. I’d choose to start the brand-new Year through a tidy office.

Feifei Oh right – we can say ‘out through the old, in v the new’.

Rob Out v the old, in with the new. Yep - a an excellent expression, Feifei. You typical leave old points or old ideas behind and also start new with brand-new things or ideas.

Feifei i do! It’s frequently said around new Year.

Rob Well, i had much better get top top with getting rid of old things while we hear some examples of this expression in action…

ExamplesIt"s time for me to get rid of my old boots and buy a brand-new pair. Out through the old, in v the new!

The tech agency released their brand-new range critical week. I"ve currently bought something. It"s out v the old chunky phone and also in through the brand-new lightweight touch display screen one.

Last year I spent too lot time eating cake – but now for 2020, I’m walk to join a gym and also get right – it’s out v the old body and in through the brand-new one!

FeifeiYou"re listening piersonforcongress.comme The English us Speak from piersonforpiersonforcongress.comngress.piersonforcongress.comm dispiersonforcongress.comvering English. In this programme, we"re looking at the expression "out through the old, in v the new". It means getting rid of old ideas or things and starting fresh with new ones. So what brand-new things or principles shall we have actually for 2020, Rob?

Rob Hmmm… Well, for a brand-new thing, ns was thinking around some flowers in the studio.

Feifei Nice.

Rob and also for my brand-new idea, I thought I would start introducing the programme every main – it’s piersonforcongress.comnstantly been you, Feifei!

Feifei excuse me, plunder – I’ve piersonforcongress.comnstantly introduced the programme. It’s females first! Sorry, I’m not an altering that. Yet actually i was thinking around another change.

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Rob five yes, what’s that?

Feifei A new presenter. As we say – out v old (you, Rob), and in through the new (hi Dan).