Trichomes are the score of countless growers and also extractors this days, but is it possible to rise their production? In this article, we discuss some tips and tricks to gain heavier resin contents in your cannabis plants.

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Cannabis Trichomes

As friend might already know, trichomes are the tiny, resin glands that accumulate on and also around the flowers of a three plant as it matures. They consist of what we contact "resin" and also contain all the cannabinoids and also terpenes that offer cannabis its wealthy flavour and also aroma, as well as the an effective effects that delivers.

Trichomes are created by a cannabis plant because that a number of reasons. Mainly, lock are construed to it is in a genetic trait the promotes the survival of the species, providing the tree protection and also allowing for less complicated reproduction.

Trichomes create a resinous layer that acts together a barrier, permitting cannabis and its seed come efficiently resolve the outside conditions.

The rise in demand for new highs, concentrates and extractions way growers are often seeking brand-new ways to an increase trichomes to your fullest. Crossing high resin developing genetics method we now have selection of exceptionally juicy strains already spilling over with resin. However, the is no all about genetics. In order for a cannabis tree to produce at that is best, the trichomes should an initial be well taken treatment of.

Before discussing just how to boost production, let"s have a look at some vital measures to make sure you space achieving dense, trichome-rich cannabis buds.

Taking treatment of your Cannabis Trichomes

"Boosting" trichomes requires some forethought, definition we must arrangement in development to ensure both the duration and also outcome the the flourish sees a healthy development of trichomes. Think about factors favor the strains you grow, how you take care of the plants, and also when come harvest lock for top content.

Strains - Naturally, part strains produce more resin than others. High THC-content genes tend to be the best choice for those feather to attain plenty the trichomes. Remember, every strain has actually its environmental preferences and also will produce much more or less trichomes under different conditions.Contact - the is an extremely important come minimise the amount we manage cannabis plants, both once they are wet and also dry. Every time we touch the flowers, trichomes space damaged or removed.Harvest Time - The colour of trichomes can assist us identify when cannabinoid content is at its fullest. If we leave it as well late, the production of trichomes will have actually stopped and also they start to degrade.

Tip: Harvest appropriate after her lights come on as soon as trichomes room plump. Evaporation throughout the day removes some terpene compounds which get replenished in ~ night time.

6 methods To an increase Trichome Production


The many common way to enhance production is through stress training. Both low anxiety training (LST) and also high stress and anxiety training (HST) have the capacity to substantially increase yields as soon as performed correctly. Higher yields often tends to mean much more trichomes.

Strengthening a cannabis plant using tension training involves manipulating the plant"s shape to distribution hormones an ext evenly throughout the optimal buds. The pipeline make much better use of the irradiate this way, enabling the tree to be much more productive.

Methods that LST/HST for boosting trichome production:

LST (Low anxiety Training)HST (High stress and anxiety Training)

- Bending and tying

- SOG (Sea the Green)

- ScrOG (Screen of Green)

- Pruning/Defoliation

- Lollipopping

- Topping/FIMing

- super Cropping

- Main-lining

- Manifolding

Grow Lights and also UVB

Light spectrum is a fundamental part of a cannabis plant"s capacity to photosynthesise, grow and also produce flowers. Researches have presented that tree grown in high altitude areas where the presence of UVB rays is greater can boost trichomes by up come 32%.

Lights that emit wavelengths between 280-315nm space in the ideal spectrum, with UVB sitting at around 300nm. Take care if you decision to experiment using UVB, together it have the right to be quite harmful to the skin. Move it off when you invest time in your prosper room.

Tip: slowly increase the amount of UVB you give your tree to avoid burning them.

Temperature and Humidity


It goes there is no saying that temperature and also humidity have actually a big effect on the growth of cannabis flowers. As soon as the levels are not optimal, the plant will suffer. The contrary is true when we gain the problems on point. To boost trichome production, that is feasible to change the temperature and humidity come induce some type of stress, resulting in the plant to produce more as a defence mechanism.

In the last 2 weeks of flowering, the night time temperatures have the right to be gradually lessened to together low as 15-16°C, or lower in some cases (mimicking the come of winter). Save the work time temperature under 25°C. The family member humidity can likewise be lowered so it sit at around 35-40%. If the humidity rises too much when temperatures room low prefer this, the opportunity of mold increases so it"s finest to save it down.

Darkness prior to Harvest

Many growers swear through this technique as a way to rise trichomes in the critical day or two before harvest. Providing cannabis plants complete darkness for 24-48 hours is said to increase the number of trichomes, as well as improve flavour. However, the technique is inconclusive and needs further study however feel cost-free to discuss with other growers and also experiment.

The problem with this technique is that we develop a high danger of mold ideal at the finish of flowering. But much this can potentially enhance potency or flavour, preventing mold should be more of a priority. That is most likely to influence cannabinoids and terpenes rather than the lot of trichomes, which need time to grow.

Hydric Stress

Another exciting study, published by the American society for Horticultural Science, has displayed that the applications of drought can increase the lot of cannabinoids in three plants. Although the does not suggest specifically around trichome production, the advent of this technique can an increase THC, which may be an indication for some extra resin growth (as a an outcome of the stress).

Whether this works depends on the species of cannabis and its ability to take care of drought. In the study, the tree in the test group were there is no water for 11 job after the begin of main 7 in flower (water potential 1.5MPa = drought stress and anxiety threshold, tree wilting). After feeding again and also finishing your cycles, yields proved a 50% increase in THC.


When it involves nutrients, be certain to provide your tree plenty of phosphorous and also potassium during their flowering stage. These facets are crucial for the advancement of flowers and their oils. Inspect the NPK proportion of your nutrients to obtain an idea of how the level should readjust throughout the prosper and adjust accordingly.

Feeding a cannabis plant the correct amount of nutrient is necessary if we space looking to rise trichomes. When the plant is deficient it cannot create properly, slowing down all functions. Nutrient schedules differ for every strain, so we recommend you try using various concentrations to find out what works best.

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Tip: If your plants space healthy and also drinking properly, you can think about increasing the quantity of nutrients but be cautious not come overdo it and watch the pH levels.


We recommend you feel comfortable v your grow collection up before moving on to trichome an enhancing techniques. Achieving the perfect problems involves plenty of learning and also experience. Once you"re satisfied v the product you"re farming or friend have sufficient plants come experiment with, why not try giving your plants a small bit of further encouragement?

If you found this article useful or have any kind of ideas/thoughts concerning trichomes, please let us understand down in the comment section. Remain safe and also happy growing!

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