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Also known As: require for speed 09Genre: Racing, Sports auto Auto racing Developer: electronic Arts Publisher: electronic Arts ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: November 17, 2008

If you gain hit by a spike strip, hit the ps button, quit game, and re enter you"ll it is in at her last saved video game an every impound marks are gone.

If you should make a suddenly sharp revolve or aU-Turn usage your speed breaker. It"s advantageous notonly versus roadblocks but if you desire to come back in the center of the highway ~ overshooting a exit, or if you"re in a race and also youwant to make a sharp rotate without hitting thewall. This will substantially slow under your speedif you usage it for too long.

Enter yp}jwa or "90=* together a password to unlock theDie-Cast Nissan GT-R (R35) Police version car.

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Platinum Trophy Platinum TrophyCommunity Member (Bronze) create or use an currently account come sign right into EANationActive community Member (Bronze) Participated in any Community Day. for more info.First! (Bronze) winner a Multiplayer Ranked GameCat and also Mouse Virus (Bronze) Infected through the Cops N’ Robbers virus byanother player in a Cops andCrossing the heat (Bronze) success a Ranked Multiplayer Cops N’ Robbers eventFirst of many (Bronze) success a Ranked Multiplayer event versus 7 humanplayersLearner’s permit (Bronze) gain your an initial car in job ModeZack trap (Bronze) complete the Zack sequence in ‘The Trap’ mission.Bowling with Hector (Bronze) finish the Hector succession in the mission‘Kingpin’To Protect and Serve (Bronze) finish the Carmen sequence in the mission‘Rematch’Nickel and also Dimes (Bronze) finish the Nickel succession in mission ‘Payback’2 Birds, 1 stone (Bronze) finish the mission ‘Double Trouble’Meet Zack (Bronze) confront off against Zack in ‘Rush Hour’Meet Carmen (Bronze) face off against Carmen in ‘The Game’Meet Hector (Bronze) challenge off against Hector in ‘Versus’Meet Nickel (Bronze) challenge off versus Nickel in ‘Road Rage’Meet rose (Bronze) face off against Rose in ‘Rollercoaster’5 Finger Discount (Bronze) complete all Hot vehicle MissionsApprentice Mechanic (Bronze) Customize a automobile in career mode.Freeze! hold it right there! (Bronze) take a Photo and upload that toNeedforSpeed.comGold coastline to s (Bronze) overcome the Gold coast to s eventEast Fasulo leg (Bronze) conquer the eastern Fasulo leg eventPine Creek & Douglas (Bronze) conquer the pine Creek & Douglas eventSouth Canyon Hwy (Bronze) conquer the south Canyon Hwy eventEast I-5 (Bronze) conquer the eastern I-5 eventBay drive & harbor (Bronze) conquer the Bay drive & harbor eventTri-City operation (Bronze) conquer the Tri-City operation eventNorth flow Expressway (Bronze) overcome the North flow Expressway eventWindow Shopper (Bronze) uncovered all 3 pro Shops in CareerChase or be Chased (Bronze) win all the Highway war in CareerLose the Eye in the skies (Bronze) Escape from a helicopter in a succesfullycompleted pursuit. (Must be job level 8 or greater)Path of destruction (Bronze) Disable 10 Police cars in a search andsuccessfully evade in CareerGet out of the street! (Bronze) stop 5 roadway Blocks in a search andsuccessfully evade in CareerMost want (Gold) Sucessfully complete 50 PursuitsAficionado (Bronze) acquisition or win any kind of 5 cars for her garage.Keys to the City (Bronze) Unlock port Crescent in CareerBranching out (Bronze) Unlock Sunset Hills in CareerRetired (Gold) finish the career StoryCompletionist (Gold) conquer 100% of job by beating all the trackrecords.Hired Goons (Bronze) Takeout every the ‘Goons’ in CareerUnstoppable force (Bronze) prevent 50 roadway Blocks in CareerWasting tax Dollars (Bronze) get $100,000 price to State in a single pursuitand evadeSpiked punch (Bronze) avoid a spike piece in a Pursuit and also successfully evadein CareerLose the Fuzz (Bronze) Sucessfully complete 5 PursuitsScrapheap (Bronze) Disable 100 Police vehicles.Notorious (Silver) finish 119 Multiplayer gyeongju in any type of positionNothing share (Bronze) uncovered all 3 Tuning Shops in CareerOwn the road (Bronze) conquer 25 occasions in CareerLove thy Tires (Bronze) prevent 12 Spike Strips complete in career pursuitsAmong the finest (Bronze) winner 25 Ranked Multiplayer events