After the message from King Gustaf, go back to Hyrule Town, cross the north Hyrule Field and also get in the lock Garden. The left component of the garden is watched end by guards. Use the hedges come hide and also go through the garden to the north. Go down the ladder to reach the secret level that the castle and also head north to come back to the sanctuary. Thrust the sword right into the pedestal come now have the ability to create 2 clones! execute this on the bottom slabs come walk ~ above the switches and get out. Leave the castle from the garden, then go directly ahead southwest. Go down the ladder, then create two clones top top the slabs to have the ability to push the huge block. Rise the ladder, then the stairs and also go west.

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Royal Valley

Light her Lantern to see your surroundings, climate go down the steps. Autumn a bomb in between the poles, then get into the cave. Expropriate to speak through the great Fairy, then appropriately answer her questions to acquire a enlarge quiver. Go on southwest, then go north. Check out the sign, walk in the direction of the shown direction, then review the following signs and also follow the indications to leave the maze (up left left up appropriate up). Then, go north and west to find a home (the lantern is no much longer required). Obtain in, speak to Dampé and also receive the Graveyard Key. Obtain out and... Grrr... Speak to Dampé ideal on the left, then look for the crow sit atop among the graveyard trees. Once you uncovered it, put on her Pegasus Boots and run into the tree to do it autumn the key, then quickly take it back. Speak to Dampé again so he opens the gate and go on.

Go ahead, press the tombstone ideal in front of you, then go right and break the blocks to find some slabs. Develop two clones, then walk ~ above the moved tomb come walk on the three switches a small higher. Go underneath the tombstone.

Royal Crypt

Get rid the the 2 Gibdos to acquire a Small an essential and 5 bombs, then go up. Pull the left toadstool to go across, and go past the three doors to find out that just the middle one is real. Open up this door, then walk right. Create two clones top top the slabs, then go as much as walk top top the switches and pick up a small Key. Then go to the other side and create two clones when the communication is down. Rise on the platform while preventing the blocks and also walk top top the switches to acquire another small Key. Walk in the middle, unlock the two blocks and go north. Go with the corridor, light the four torches, then fight one more two Gibdos. Then walk north to satisfy the heart of King Gustaf. He will certainly entrust friend a gold Kinstone and also give you a clue to walk on her quest. Leave the royal Valley, walk northeast of phibìc Hyrule Field and go on east.

Veil Falls

Get top top the leg to the north and also fuse your Kinstone with the source of the Flow. Obtain in the cave, walk to the following room and also get out. Climb along the wall surface and take it a look in ~ the stele come reveal one more Wind Symbol. Gain in the northern cave, then take the stairs on the right and get out from the right. Climb follow me the wall, then go west and also walk into the tornado.

Cloud Tops

Speak come Hailey, the monster character, then walk on right and also talk come Gale. Obtain into the red whirlpool, then walk east and also get a gold Kinstone native the chest. Jump right into the feet at the top, acquire into the next whirlpool, then dig the eye to get a Kinstone. Jump right into the hole and also fuse the Kinstones with the mysterious Cloud. Go back up, jump right into the tornado and also fly west. Jump right into the hole, then remove the two enemies to obtain another golden Kinstone. Go back up thanks to the whirlpool, dig the snow, then jump right into the left tornado. Paris west and also open the chest to gain a gold Kinstone. Dig the snow (there are two chests over containing 50 secret shells), climate jump right into the tornado, fly towards the southern one and fly southwest. Jump into the hole, remove the opponent with the Cane of Pacci and fuse a Kinstone v the mysterious Cloud. Go ago up many thanks to the whirlpool, then walk on to the southwest. Choose up 50 secret shells indigenous the chest surrounded by snow, then jump into the hole.

Use the Cane that Pacci to get rid of the north enemy and fuse another Kinstone with the monster cloud. Go back up native the right, find a Kinstone in the snow and open the chest to acquire a golden Kinstone. Jump into the hole, come earlier down and also go ago up many thanks to the whirlpool ~ above the right. Jump right into the following hole and also get rid that the adversaries to choose up a gold Kinstone. Go earlier up right alongside it, pick up 50 mysterious shells kind the chest and jump into the bottom tornado. Fly southeast, find a Kinstone in the snow and also jump right into the tiny hole. Go earlier up, discover a Kinstone in the snow and jump right into the northern hole. Fuse the Kinstone through the secret Cloud, go earlier up, jump into the next tornado, paris northwest and land to the west. Destruction the snow, jump right into the tornado and also fly come the west to reach the appropriate side of the critical place. Jump right into the hole and also perform the critical fusing v the mysterious Cloud. Acquire into the big tornado. Look at the stele to add a Wind Symbol, then acquire in the beautiful house.

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Talk come the members the the Wind Tribe, then walk to the fourth floor and talk come the grandmother. Obtain out, talk to the tiny girl and climb ~ above the roof. Walk north, break the pots to discover a tiny fairy and also get into the following temple.

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