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OBJECTIVES: finding out that minerals are made the elements and compounds. Pointing out the crucial characteristics of minerals. VOCABULARY: compound element mineral MATERIALS: net

Students learn about uses of mineral bylecture and also internet.

borate minerals are supplied in detergent, steel, and fiber optic industries

BACKGROUND: Elements and compounds room the structure blocks that minerals. Minerals made of just one element are called NATIVE minerals (i.e., silver, gold, mercury, copper). Minerals written of compounds are just referred to as minerals (i.e., quartz, which is made up on silicon and also oxygen). To be classified as a mineral, a substance have to be:

inorganic - make from nonliving matter, normally MADE -industrial diamonds and so-called "man-made" minerals room not true minerals, CRYSTALLINE - the molecule that comprise the substance are arranged in a collection pattern salt, and HAVE A DEFINITE chemistry COMPOSITION - no various other chemicals, facets or atoms, have the right to be substituted right into the structure. PROCEDURE: There are thousands of well-known minerals. In everyday language, over there are plenty of references to minerals. Have actually the college student name number of of these, and put castle on the board. Here are examples: You require vitamins and also minerals because that a healthy body Mineral Oil Mineral bath Mineral feather Water
Shampoo enriched through minerals strengthened with minerals Natural power from minerals fortified with vitamins and also minerals USDA recommended daily amount the vitamins and minerals minerals are essential in everyday life. Have the students translate into a list of minerals and their provides on the board:

diamonds = jewelry gypsum = provided in plaster board calcite = used in cement quartz = watches, make glass and also many more. Instruct college student to research their homes and also identify substances that might contain minerals. Minerals are sometimes challenging to identify. The complying with lab centers about those vital characteristics that can aid identify minerals. It additionally discusses just how some that those features make minerals useful certain products in ours society. Instruct the student to discover other supplies for minerals by conducting an web search.

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They will be amazed in ~ how many sites are devoted to minerals.