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"Brand brand-new Key" is a pop tune written and also sung by people music singer Melanie. Originally a track of Melanie"s album conference Me, produced by Melanie"s husband Peter Schekeryk, it was known additionally as "The Rollerskate Song" as result of its chorus. It to be her biggest success, scoring No. 1 top top the Billboard warm 100 singles chart during December 1971 and January 1972. Billboard ranked it as the No. 9 tune of 1972. It likewise scored No. 1 in Canada and Australia and No. 4 on the UK Singles Chart. much more »

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I rode my bicycle previous your window last nightI roller skated to her door in ~ day lightIt practically seems like you"re staying clear of meI"m okay alone, but you got something i needWell, I gained a brand new pair that roller skatesYou acquired a brand brand-new keyI think that us should gain together and shot them out, you seeI been looking around a while, you gained something because that meOh, I got a brand new pair that roller skatesYou got a brand brand-new keyI ride my bike, ns roller skate, don"t drive no carDon"t go as well fast, but I walk pretty farFor somebody that don"t drive ns been every round the worldSome civilization say ns done all appropriate for a girlOh yes yeah, oh yeah yes yeahOh yeah yeah yeahOh yeah yeah yeahI asked your mom if you to be at homeShe said, "Yes", however you weren"t aloneOh, periodically I think that you"re preventing meI"m it s okay alone, yet you got something ns needWell, I gained a brand brand-new pair of roller skatesYou got a brand new keyI think that we should acquire together and shot them out, you seeLa la la la la la la laLa la la la la laOh, I obtained a brand new pair that roller skatesYou gained a brand new key

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Melanie Melanie is a feminine given name obtained from the Greek μελανία (melania), "blackness" and also that native μέλας (melas), an interpretation "dark". Borne in its Latin form by 2 saints: Melania the Elder and also her grand-daughter Melania the Younger, the name was presented to England through the norman in that French type Melanie. However the surname only ended up being common in English intake in the 1930s due to the popularity of Margaret Mitchell"s 1936 novel Gone with the Wind and its 1939 filmation, as one of the novel"s main characters was named Melanie Hamilton.

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The name"s popularity boosted until the 1970s because remaining constant. Melanie was the 80th most famous name because that girls born in the United states in 2007 and also - as Mélanie - to be the 86th most famous name for girls born in Fr… more »