Her eyes looked far-off as she peered out the home window while making dinner for her family and also guests. Her brow furrowed together she appeared lost in thought. The noise around her appeared to become background noise to whatever was weighing on she mind and also her heart.

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She supplied to have a organic curiosity around the world, a definite sparkle in she eyes, a silliness to her laugh, and also an openness come life.

Watching her now, she seemed various than prior to the pandemic. Her sense of wonder, which was a wonderful component of her, appeared to have faded. The was virtually as if she was simply going through the movements that day.

It’s challenging when world seem the end of kinds or lost or hardened, specifically when the is the end of character. Perhaps a life occasion took away that easiness.

I have actually heard people tell rather – prefer my friend that is softhearted – and also I have been told myself, “You need to obtain thicker skin.”

I am no necessarily sure just how I feel around that. I think leading v your heart and being kind of people and their feelings walk not have to be a an adverse thing.

I think embracing life through sincerity can assist with being open to possibility and opportunity, and also love and also laughter. That does not typical we need to not guard ours hearts or save our cards close to our vest in ~ times.

I just do not know if we desire to become fully hardened the we shed that part of ourselves the carries our sense of wonder – the dancing after ~ the music stops, the singing in the rain, the laughing with ease.

When i watch mine daughter take on the world, every little thing is brand-new and exciting. Looking in ~ the world through her eyes i see and also can feeling that sense of wonder and also amazement. We laugh and also we sing, and we dance, and also we make the most out of every moment.

That day as I watched mine friend show up lost without her sense of wonder, ns wasn’t sure how to aid her gain it back.

I thought about that Lee Ann Womack track that focuses on that. And I prayed for good days ahead for her. I readily available to hear to her troubles, and also I organized her hand and told her i was there day and also night to help her together she make the efforts to find herself and also the irradiate that had somehow dimmed in she eyes.

My hope together we face the challenges and also obstacles that life that we are able to feel the an excellent and not be weighed down or come to be the anxiety that"https://piersonforcongress.com/may-you-never-lose-your-sense-of-wonder/imager_1_3929_700.jpgs about us.

Hopefully, together we endure negativity of the world, us don’t let it consume who we are and also who we desire to be.

Hopefully, we can shot not come let that steal ours joy, and we can do our best to no let it get to the suggest where us are just going with the motions.


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