17 secrets Behind High college Musical in ~ the surface of the memorable songs and also lively choreography that High college Musical reside darker truths the no one desires in the spotlight.

preserving its long-standing background of producing entertaining and memorable films, Disney Channel produced yet an additional popular hit v the High college Musical franchise. Very first debuting in 2006 through High institution Musical, the initial movie was met v an overwhelming response. In fact, it was the most watched Disney Channel initial Movie (DCOM) ever made.

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Banking on the success of the an initial movie, Disney release additional sequels consisting of High institution Musical 2 and also the very first ever theatrically exit Disney Channel initial Movie, High institution Musical 3: an elderly Year. With a full viewership of over 225 million pan worldwide, High institution Musical became a global phenomenon and also one that Disney’s most successful series. That popularity continues with countless spin-off series, international adaptations, and also concert and stage tours. The franchise is mirroring no indications of stopping either together a report High institution Musical 4 is right now in the works.

However, as soon as you piece away the show-stopping music numbers and saccharine pubescent storylines, girlfriend will find the darker reality of the stars and their franchise. Plagued v tabloid scandals, hidden production secrets, and on-set troubles, the revelations behind the High college Musical franchise could shock fans new and old.

Here space 17 Dark secrets Behind High institution Musical.

Cast the Grease (1978)
adhering to in the footsteps of adolescent musicals like Hairspray and Bye farewell Birdie, High school Musical revolves approximately the stays of teenagers. Although similar in content, that true originals come from among the most famous musicals around: Grease. In this suggest Grease 3, Britney Spears and also Justin Timberlake. Also the various other members the *NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, Travolta and Newton-John were approached to be affiliated with the project.

While the manuscript did receive several re-writes and updates, the task itself was shelved until 2004. Also, permission would need to be given for the initial owner of the rights to Grease. Rather of having to go v so lot red tape, producers determined to create it right into a move exterior of the Grease universe.

16 Monique Coleman (Taylor) nearly Quit Acting

High school Musical Monique Coleman Corbin Bleu
well-known for play Taylor McKessie in the High school Musical franchise, actress Monique Coleman was close to no being a component of the film.

Beginning her acting career at a really young age, she secured her first few roles from 1995 – 1997. Putting her career on organize to finish high school and also graduate indigenous DePaul University, she started acting again approximately 2003 with a duty in Strong Medicine. However, her next parts were merely one episode appearances and did no lead to any type of long-term commitments.

Frustrated by her career’s development, she to be on the verge of quitting acting once she auditioned for and also received a callback because that High school Musical. She was even hesitant to accept the role after she won it. Many thanks to this part, Coleman’s career took off and led to a much more prosperous acting career.

High college Musical Sharpay and Ryan
The spreading for High institution Musical was set to showcase a diverse actors of high schoolers in the 2000s. Not only were the students varied in their “high school” archetypes and also personalities however their backgrounds differed as well. Interestingly, the original spreading for the film referred to as for the characters of Sharpay and also Ryan Evans to it is in black. However, the casting procedure ran into worries trying to discover the perfect pair to take it on those roles.

According to Buzzfeed, actor Corbin Bleu mutual that spreading “found who to pat Sharpay, however they might not uncover a black indistinguishable and also then i think they discovered Ashley therefore they determined to cast Sharpay and also Ryan as Caucasian". Things operated out, in the end, because we can not imagine anyone else playing the Evans twins.

14 Zac Efron Didn"t Sing every one of His Songs

High college Musical Zac Efron
return the audience expects the initial stars to carry out their very own singing, countless musical productions like quality singing over authenticity.

Zac Efron, despite a fairly great singer, walk not have actually the range to adequately song the songs for the very first High college Musical movie. In fact, the majority of his to sing was excellent by attracted Seeley, an additional actor that tested for the duty of Troy.

Seeley is the one that sang "Get"cha Head in the Game" and the reprise the "What I"ve to be Looking For." Efron only sings the first four currently of "Start of other New," the an initial sentence that "Breaking Free," and also during the scene on the balcony.” walk forward, Efron go his very own singing in the various other films.

when working v an ensemble actors like High institution Musical, producers regularly look for stars that will work-related well together onscreen. Regardless of whether the function is for a rogue or a hero archetype, the cast as a entirety must existing a specific chemistry the appeals to viewers.

For the duo the the Evans twins, producers searched for the perfect brother and also sister that can play off of one an additional perfectly. Despite they flourished in casting an excellent stars for the roles, the reality behind the Evans brothers was the they did not treatment for every other throughout filming. Actress Ashley Tisdale told Billboard that, "We hated each other, not kidding… ns think we simply didn"t recognize each other. Ns was certainly a lot favor Sharpay, and also Lucas was prefer "Who is this person?""

However, by the end of filming, the pair flourished to end up being close friends.

12 Lucas Grabeel propelled for Ryan to Come Out as Gay

many fans of the High institution Musical franchise have had unanswered questions about Ryan Evan’s character. With his flamboyant style, impeccable run moves, and several flirtatious moment with various other male characters, part fans concluded that the character was gay. However, this belief has never been outright proven.

However, Lucas Grabeel fell in love with the character and also tried to support for the breakthrough of Ryan"s sexuality. Grabeel supported for Ryan to lastly come out in High institution Musical 3: senior Year to bring some closure come the speculation. However, with Disney would not support having actually an openly happy character at the time, and also the idea was never pursued. In the end, viewers are left to do their very own conclusions about the character.

command actor Zac Efron’s star strength skyrocketed after starring in the franchise and also he soon ended up being a household name. However, when you become such a renowned star, her actions room scrutinized more closely by tabloids everywhere. Together such, the story the Efron’s fight with a homeless man in 2014 make headlines everywhere.

However, Efron defined to ET Online that "A homeless guy, or vagrant, tapped ~ above the driver’s-side window. Before I knew it, he was out of the car, and they began fighting. I saw that was transporting some kind of a knife, or shank, and also I gained out that the auto to disarm him. At part point, the dropped the knife, and I gained hit pretty hard in the face — and almost instantly the police were there to break up the fight." Wow.

10 chris Warren Jr. (Zeke) sued His Parents end His Earnings

many child actors challenge numerous unscrupulous agents and directors who look come take advantage of your naivety. Throughout these times, young stars turn to your parents for both guidance and reassurance for your decisions. However, in a few cases, your trusted parents space the ones that take benefit of your innocence together well.

In the instance of actor kris Warren Jr. (who played playing Zeke Baylor), his parents started spending his revenue from acting work without his knowledge. The money had actually been kept in a trust due to the fact that 2001 yet his parental accessed it beforehand to usage at their leisure. He sued his parental in 2013 and the judge ruled in donate of Warren. In the end, his parental were compelled to salary him $337,186 to replace the money they had actually taken indigenous him.

well-known for play the role of Donny Dion in High school Musical 3: an elderly Year, Justin Martin’s exhilaration career nearly came to a halt with a 2015 incident with police in Massachusetts. Follow to Eonline, martin fled the step of a shooting through a total in his hand. Boston police stated that that “allegedly spicy the gun in ~ officers and a 2nd man opened up fire. Policemans fired at Martin, who was no hit, prior to getting him come the ground, ~ which they recovered a .22-caliber handgun and took him into custody.”

Martin was uncovered guilty of “Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and also Carrying a invited Firearm, and two counts of assault by means of a dangerous Weapon.” He offered 18 months in jail and also one year the probation afterward.

8 Zac Efron’s Time in Rehab

The pressure of gift a newly famed actor can undoubtedly take it its toll fee on young stars. After being launched right into the spotlight ~ the High school Musical series, Zac Efron found brand-new roles comes back-to-back. Return he prospered in his newfound fame with functions in Hairspray, 17 Again, and also Charlie St. Cloud, the pressures of gift an actor finally wore that down.

In early 2013, Efron gone into rehab for 5 months seeking aid for his cocaine and alcohol abuse. Though originally entering rehab in the early component of the year, he had to return ~ relapsing during the filming of the comedy Neighbors. After his time in rehab, Efron has been specialized to living a sober life due to the fact that June 2013 and also continues to prosper in his acting career with duties in Baywatch and also The greatest Showman.

indigenous the outside, Modern Family actress sarah Hyland and also High school Musical 3: an elderly Year actor Matt Prokop seemed to have actually the perfect relationship. Conference on the collection of your Disney Channel movie Geek Charming, the 2 stars began dating approximately 2010. By 2014, your breakup reported in the tabloids everywhere. Back fans to be heartbroken to hear the news, they to be even more shocked come hear the details of their alleged 5-year abusive relationship.

Clevver reported that Hyland filed a restraining order versus Prokop due to his abuse. She declared that the “choked her, driven her and even threatened her life” because that the last 4 years of their relationship. Prokop to be instructed to stay at least 100 yards from Hyland and also her pets at all times.

6 Monique Coleman Couldn"t Swim and Was Afraid that Water

coming to be a component of the actors of High school Musical turned the end to it is in a complex process. Potential cast members had to endure hours of auditions that consisted of singing, dancing, and acting. Even future members of the eastern High basketball team had actually to endure basketball tryouts as well. Considering the challenges faced just to become a member the the ensemble, you would think the final actors would not need to suffer any more trials onset.

Sadly, Monique Coleman was faced with one more test of her abilities as soon as she was compelled to swimming in High school Musical 2. At the time, Coleman not just didn’t know exactly how to swim but additionally had a fear of water. However, the cast and also crew of the movie taken into consideration her fears and made accommodations because that her. Instead of jumping in alone, she was partnered with her dancing companion Bleu for the movie’s scene.

Although plenty of of the music numbers in the High school Musical franchise have become an extremely popular, none have quite matched the well known status the “Bet ~ above It”. Showcased together the eighth song in High institution Musical 2, fans to be treated to trojan (played by Zac Efron) to express his frustrations and anger on a golf course.

Heavy v overdramatic dance moves and also singing, this scene has end up being the fodder for lots of net memes and also parodies. However, fans may not realize the the completion of the scene took up practically 1/5 the the production time. In all, manufacturing took six days to finish out the the five-week schedule. Filming had to take location in in between other scene so Efron’s performance had to be broken down right into smaller, filmable moments.

Despite all of the meme-worthy moments, the scene is truly one of the many memorable of the movie franchise.

4 Age of the Stars

among the most far-ranging challenges in spreading for a high institution themed production has been detect the perfect actors for the roles. Considering end 600 human being auditioned originally for High college Musical, casting directors should have been overflowing v talented young actors and actresses. Although numerous productions target to incorporate stars that space within the very same age selection as the characters, gibbs in their at an early stage twenties space usually chosen.

Regarding the actors of High college Musical, the age ranges for the very first movie different by practically eight years. Corbin smoke was 16 years old. Back Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, at 17 and also 18 respectively, right the high college range, the other actors to be in their beforehand 20s. In fact, Coleman was the earliest member the the main actors at 25 year old.

over the course of the first two movies in the franchise, viewers have delighted in watching the story of both the high school lives and their summer vacation antics of the characters. When the announcement came for the third installment of the franchise, producers had specific plans because that the setting. In beforehand 2007, Disney announced that the upcoming sequel would certainly be Haunted High school Musical. Not only would the design template be based roughly Halloween, but it would certainly premiere ~ above the large screen in 2008.

However, through the end of the year, plans readjusted drastically because that the sequel. The theme for the film would, instead, focus on the senior year of many of the stars. This change, the course, would include the highlights the one’s an elderly year: Prom and graduation. The movie still premiered in theaters anywhere and took in $252.9 million at the box office.

2 The Title Was A Placeholder for Something Better

The manufacturing of a music takes a considerably longer amount that time to develop given all of the elements involved. From developing choreography come writing original songs and also scores, producers had their hands complete bringing this story come life. So lot so the they gave small thought come the actual location of the film.

The name “High school Musical” was offered to the script to offer as a placeholder because that the film. Provided its on the nose yet dull title, writers planned come rework the surname to reflect the heart of the story better. Interestingly enough, that rework never happened. By the time filming because that the whole movie to be complete, nobody has any kind of ideas for the movie title. Producers had actually no choice but to stick v the mundane title, in the end.

Vanessa Hudgens, famed for playing the role of Gabriella, uncovered herself the victim of two scandalous nude picture incidents during her High college Musical career. In 2007, nude picture of Hudgens were leaked online having actually been bring away personally. She apologized for the photos and indicated that they had actually been bring away in private, leading some to speculate they were for her then-boyfriend and costar Zac Efron. Despite some thought that the occurrence would bring about her dismissal native the series, Disney decided she would stay a component of the cast.

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In a second photo leak arising after the release of High institution Musical 3: an elderly Year, she involved a lawyer due to the fact that the photos were taken while she to be underage. V a more severe fee attached come the crime, website that shown the image were forced to remove them to prevent federal charges.


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