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Men that Magnitude

Men of magnitude is the title Sam and also Hally give to their list of people who have actually been far-ranging social reformers.

Hally"s Books

Hally provides his college textbooks to education Sam in topics like history and mathematics.

Sam"s Room

Sams" room at the Jubilee Boarding House ended up being a safe haven because that Hally while he was farming up. It was there that he and Sam forged their close relationship.


The kite the Sam made from a couple of wooden sticks and Hally"s mother"s old fall brings earlier fond memories because that Hally. To him, it symbolizes a funny day in his childhood however to Sam, the symbolizes his effort to get Hally come look up and avoid feeling shame.

Ballroom Dancing

Throughout the play, Sam and Willie room preparing because that a ballroom to dance competition. Sam equates dancing with beauty, fluidity and also a people in which...

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