Marriage is a personal Affair an overview Questions and Answers

Question 1.Write under a an overview of marital relationship Is A personal Affair.Answer:Chinua Achebe is the most influential African writer who has presented in his novels and short story an authetic account the the african society, specifically the conflict in between tradition and modernity. In this brief story likewise we have actually this very theme presented in a emotional manner.

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Nnaemeka and also Neve, belonging to two various tribes, fulfill in Lagos and also decide come marry. However as Nnaemeka knows that his father, Okeke, would certainly not agree come this that postpones interaction of this truth to that by article or straight means. When he arives at home for a short vocation Okeke tells him that they have actually selected Ugoye, the eldest daughter of their neighbour, as his wife.

But really firmly does Nnaemeka refuse come marry the girl preferred by his parents. This shocks Okeke; and in a right of fury he stop speaking come him. Once Nnaemeka’s intention of marrying a girl from other tribe is recognized to various other villagers they are mortified and express great sympathy for Okeke.

They also suggest that the regional medicine male should be consulted and also Nnaemeka be offered some natural drugs to cure him of this mental derangement. However Okeke, in spite of being rigid about parental authority, is complimentary from this superstitions.

Back in Lagos Nnaemeka marries Nene and the estrangement between the father and the kid is complete. Come Nnaemeka’s inquiry for spending some component of his vacation Okeke provides a really harsh reply. It would certainly be unfair come say the Okeke withstood this separation native his son without a mental conflict. He suffered inwardly, yet he might not bring himself to expropriate the unconventional marriage.

After a few years Okeke receives a letter from Nene. She had actually written that Ins 2 guardians wanted to be v him and she had uncovered it impossible to let them know of the old man’s opposition. Okeke reads the letter and an unusual Suiiening outcomes which was additional supported by the sudden rains. His mental Ganges and also he safety the night, complete of remorse and also regret end his undue harshness.

The story renders a very honest examine of the organize of social authority jn photo in african society. Despite being true Christians and adapting in selves to modem means of living and education, there room still old people like Okeke who prefer to be cheated through old norms. That the problem has a person angle is unique revealed in the letter that Nene and the succeeding sentimental reaction that Okeke.

Question 2.Find instances that conflict in between tradition and modernism ii the story.Answer:The dialogue in between Okeke and also Nnaemeka is full of the conflict between tradition and modernism. Nnaemeka speak his father the he cannot marry Ugoye together he does not love her; his father says that it was not meant at all of him. Climate Nnaemeka has to admit that he is already, engaged to Nene, a girl who teaches in a Christain girl’s school. Okeke is not convinced nor does he believe that a Christian woman must teach.

He quetes St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians in i m sorry he had actually had claimed that women must keep silence. The is clear that Okeke continues to think in values and practices that were observed by his society. The thinks that they space so sacrosant the they can not be changed. The is a pity that he estimates the scriptures to support his ‘ arguments.

The 2nd instance have the right to be watched in Okeke’s rigid stance after Nnaemeka’s marriage. The he does not permit his son and daughter-in-law to contact on the is one indication the the host of legacy on him.

Question 3.What made Nanaemcka’s father readjust his attitude to hi; daughter-in-law ?Answer:Neke, the mam of Nnaemeka, boring the ill-will of her father in law nearly ungrudgingly. She had reconciled self her come the reality that the 2 of them, the husband and the wife, were not to go to the aboriginal village.

But once her 2 sons wanted to satisfy their grand father she composed a moving letter come the old man. Okeke’s heart was instantly softened by the feelings of his grandsons.

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To this softening was included the influence of the sudden rains. The rains carried a healing touch Okeke realised that it to be a failure on his part to be so harsh towards the family of his son. His attitude as such changed.