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National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift the Duncan Lee and his kid Gavin Dunbar Lee (object no. NPG.74.5)On June 7 Richard Henry Lee, a Virginian, request the continental Congress in Philadelphia to think about declaring freedom from great Britain.
The conference appointed a committee of 5 to create the official declaration. Cutting board Jefferson wrote the very first draft. A couple of changes were argued by other members the the committee: john Adams, Benjamin Franklin, i get it Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston.
In creating the declaration, Jefferson drew heavily top top the politics theories the English theorist John Locke had actually outlined in his publication On civil Government.

In one 1826 painting by john Trumbull licensed has been granted Declaration the Independence, cutting board Jefferson (standing in ~ the table) is displayed presenting the declaration to man Hancock, president of the continent Congress.
Yale university Art GalleryOn July 2 the continental Congress welcomed the idea that independence. It then disputed the content of the Declaration over the following two days. On July 4 the statements of independence was accepted by the to represent of 12 states. The new York delegation accepted it 11 work later.
Every signer of the Declaration took a far-ranging risk. If the colonies had lost the war, climate the British might have provided the signatures as proof of treason.
The Declaration go not establish the independence of the American colonies. Finish separation indigenous Britain would have to be completed by force. As soon as the Declaration had been adopted, however, there was no transforming back.
The declaration was released in newspapers and read aloud come crowds in communities throughout the colonies.

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The statements of freedom has likewise been a source of inspiration exterior the united States. It urged Antonio de Nariño and Francisco de Miranda come strive toward overthrowing the Spanish realm in southern America, and it was quoted through enthusiasm by the marquis de Mirabeau during the French Revolution.