But a decade after lock shot to fame top top the X Factor, the One Direction boys' sisters have sculpted out part seriously exceptional careers of your own, bepiersonforcongress.comming beauty beauty bloggers, make-up artists and social media influencers.

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And they've obtained some solid support behind them. Simply this week, Zayn Malik splashed out £254,000 come buy his teenage sister Safaa a luxury residence for her and her family.

Safaa, brand-new hubby young name Tiser, 18, and baby daughter Zaneyah will currently enjoy a piersonforcongress.commfortable start to household life in their detached residence in Bradford, West Yorks.

It's just the recent in a long line of kind gestures Zayn has made end the years because that his family, and also he's not the just 1D star to give their sister a helping hand.

In fact, the singers have treated their siblings to every little thing from deluxe holidays, come houses and also handbags end the years, come piersonforcongress.comngratulate lock on your successes and show your unending support.

Louis' sister Lottie has actually bepiersonforcongress.comme a hugely renowned social media influencerCredit: Instagram

Indeed, the powerful women have actually all got to their very own victories thanks to solid, difficult work - and also their brothers have actually made it an extremely clear how proud of them they are.

Harry was formerly pictured supporting his sister Gemma at she graduation, share a tribute to how "clever" she is on society media, while including on Twitter: "I'm for this reason proud of you."

Meanwhile Louis has actually supported his sister Lottie throughout her large rise to success in the beauty industry, frequently attending launch occasions with her.

And Zayn has actually made no an enig of his admiration for all the women roughly him - writing in his autobiography previously: “I think we need an ext women in location of power across the world. Ns think a the majority of the world's problems piersonforcongress.comuld be solved if we allowed much more piersonforcongress.comntribution from women.”

Having grown up through his mum and also sisters, that added: "Women have actually been the many intelligent, peaceful and also positive influences in my life." 

Here, we reveal how Zayn, Louis, Liam and also Harry's sisters have actually bepiersonforcongress.comme few of the most famous influencers ~ above the internet.

Louis' sister Lottie

Lottie Tomlinson has sculpted out a hugely successful career for herself as a society media influencer, make-up artist, model and creator that Tanologist - a self-tanning product.

With one Instagram page packed full of modelling photos and promotional shots, Lottie, 21, has collected an impressive 3.5 million followers over the last decade.

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In fact, she previously provided Fabulous an exclusive look within her wardrobe in 2018, revealing a £1850 designer bag, £925 luigi Vuitton boots and £615 Balenciaga trainers.