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The tiny Audrey series of cartoons were not really top top myradar together a boy cultivation up. As a issue of fact, till recently, when searchingfor a cartoon I had actually never really even watched one every the means through. Isuppose as a boy I taken into consideration them to it is in “girl’s cartoons”; the same waycertain movies are labeled to be “chick-flicks.” This form of thinking deserve to causea human being to miss out on part really good entertainment. “Fried environment-friendly Tomatoes”springs come mind immediately, as does the standard novel “A Tree grows inBrooklyn.”
In this 1949 cartoon, small Audrey has a BB total and;like all an excellent children everywhere; she have the right to hardly wait come shoot something withit. After a little of practice on the cuckoo clock the household maid banishes heroutdoors warning she of the trouble most likely to come from Audrey’s BB gun. Back the maid might seem to it is in politically incorrect, she is constantly the smartest one in this cartoons, and you do need to wonder wherein the hell Audrey"s parents are.

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Audrey is nonplussed at gift thrown out, and also seeks come shoot the very first thing whichwill stand still. The squirrel it s okay away after moving a real tongue lashingat Audrey, that then proceeds to shoot in ~ a baby bird who is just learning tofly. As the bird drops to the ground the mother is in anguish in ~ the ns ofher little one. And small Audrey is grief stricken at what she has done.
The Weeping Willows weep, and the whole human being of naturemourns the happen of the young bird as Audrey retreats come her residence in shameand remorse. Yet sometimes miracles occur, and also as the mom bird is buryingher boy a sudden storm breaks out, unleashing the rain which revives thefallen bird. Together the pets rejoice Audrey hears the song of the bird andrushes outside in great relief, breaking she rifle in half to present that she haschanged.
With a crate of bird particle in hand she make the efforts to carry backthe to trust the birds once had in mankind, but that is much easier said than done. AsAudrey turns, forlorn and also rejected, one brave small blue bird pipeline thesafety of the trees and also lands on her shoulder. As soon as the other birds watch that noharm involves the small blue bird they every come out and happiness is restoredto the forest once again.

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This cartoon is an extremely reminiscent of the 1963 Andy GriffithShow episode in i m sorry Opie does the same thing as tiny Audrey. The resultsare the same and also Opie likewise learns the worth of life by his mistake. You canview the first part of that episode here;
These old cartoons and also television mirrors contain an terrible lotof wisdom in them. In today’s civilization they might seem quaint and also old fashioned, butthe people was a seemingly much less violent place just a few decades ago. In lightof every the recent mass shootings i thought possibly a refresher course in responsibilitywas in order. And what much better way come see points more plainly than with the eyesof a child.
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