The second-largest city in Egypt and also one that the most modern communities in the country, Alexandria is situated on the shores that the Mediterranean Sea and also is amongst the numerous cities situated in the delta that the Nile which is just one of the greenest areas on the entirety African continent. Founded centuries back by Alexander the Greatest, Alexandria is a well-known historic center with a big number that monuments, museums, numerous spiritual and cultural points that interest. Due to its an extremely important strategy location, appropriate on the shores the the Mediterranean sea, the city offered to be consistently captured and also ruled by plenty of overseas invaders like the Greeks, the Arabs, the Byzantines, the Ottomans, the French, and also many others. Alexandria witnessed countless sieges and battles, but since the mid 19th century it has actually been a component of the occurring and powerful Egyptian state. The city is contemporary and beautiful, v plenty of old landmarks and skyscrapers which deserve to be it was observed in the central part of Alexandria. It is just one of the busiest traveler centers of the country and those that visit Alexandria gain observing the city life indigenous Qaitbay Citadel. There space four large ports in the city and also traditionally Alexandria is a crucial transport, logistics, and commercial hub which supplied to it is in primarily essential for offering Egyptian silk and also tropical fruit. The structure of the main Alexandria Railway Station is among the most beautiful persons in the city, and the railways the the an ar serve come millions of human being on a monthly basis. Because of the place of the city best on the border that the continents, religions, and also cultures, that is possible to view plenty of establishments in Alexandria choose cathedrals, churches, mosques, theaters, libraries, markets, shopping centers, and so on.

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Alexandria, Egypt Lat Long collaborates Info

The latitude of Alexandria, Egypt is 31.205753,and the longitude is 29.924526.Alexandria, Egypt is located at Egypt nation in the Cities place classification with the gps collaborates of 31° 12" 20.7108"" N and 29° 55" 28.2936"" E.

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CountryLatitudeLongitudeDMS LatDMS LongUTM EastingUTM NorthingCategoryCountry CodeZoom Level
31° 12" 20.7108"" N
29° 55" 28.2936"" E

Coordinates the Alexandria, Egypt is given over in both decimal degrees andDMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code offered is in the ISO2 format.