La Rosa de Guadalupe is a mexican anthology drama collection created and also produced by Carlos Mercado Orduña for Televisa. Each illustration presents a self-contained story.

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Canal de ras Estrellas is at this time broadcasting that on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in ~ 5:15 P.M. Univision has broadcast La rosa de Guadalupe since June 26, 2008, and also was broadcast weekday mornings at 11am/10c native October 22, 2012 come January 3, 2014. Indigenous January 6 to March 7, 2014, Univision aired La rosa de Guadalupe weekday afternoons at 2pm/1c, instead of 1 hour that Hoy. Together of April 7, 2014, Univision is airing La rosa de Guadalupe weekday afternoons in ~ 3pm/2c, replacing La Mujer del Vendaval. Together of September 22, 2014, Univision is transfer La rosa de Guadalupe weekday afternoons at 2pm/1c instead of Hoy.


The show has to be panned by mexico viewers and also critics. The display lacks of appropriate acting, writing and also directing. Part talk shows have actually criticized the corny effects and also acting of the show, and also the lack of research study the show"s writers had actually put right into for episodes dealing with specific social groups that some episodes focus on (Emos, goths, anime fans). It additionally covered current topics and issues together well.


The surname Rosa, Latin and botanic name of the flower shrub Rose, could refer to:




As one acronym


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Castlevania (Nintendo 64)

Castlevania, likewise referred to together Castlevania 64, in Japan as Akumajō Dracula Mokushiroku (悪魔城ドラキュラ黙示録, Akumajō Dorakyura Mokushiroku, lit. Devil"s lock Dracula Apocalypse), is an action-adventure video game developed by Konami"s Kobe branch because that the Nintendo 64 video clip game console. It to be released ~ above a 64-megabit cartridge in north America top top January 26, 1999, in Japan on march 11, 1999, and in Europe on may 14, 1999.

Castlevania is the an initial 3D video game in the Castlevania series. The player selects among the game"s protagonists come control: Carrie Fernandez, a young orphan gifted v magic powers, or Reinhardt Schneider, the whip-wielding heir to the Belmont clan (the series" recurring protagonists). Carrie and Reinhardt collection out on a quest to protect against Count Dracula"s impending return to power after a century of dormancy. The personalities travel to and also explore Dracula"s grand estate in your mission to loss the count and also his horde of undead minions.


Castlevania, like many of its predecessors, is generally an action-adventure and also platforming game. The Japanese logo design for the game incorporate the native "real activity adventure" in English.

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personalities of the last Fantasy IV series

Final Fantasy IV, a role-playing video game exit by Square in 1991, revolves Cecil Harvey, a items of Baron that embarks on a quest to defeat Golbez, a guy that is regulating the king of Baron. Throughout Cecil"s quest, that is joined by his childhood girlfriend Kain Highwind and Rosa Farrell, as well as other warrior from around the civilization who additionally seek to avoid Golbez. The visuals that the personalities were designed by Yoshitaka Amano. ~ its early stage release, last Fantasy IV was later on ported come multiple consoles. In 2007, Square Enix exit an enhanced remake because that the Nintendo DS that added voice exhilaration to both the Japanese and also English versions.

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The game"s 2008 sequel, last Fantasy IV: The After year is collection seventeen years after last Fantasy IV and also includes most of the personalities from the initial game as well as introducing several new characters. The story the The ~ Years primarily revolves roughly Ceodore Harvey, the kid of Cecil and Rosa. In 2011, a third game in the series was released. Set one year after last Fantasy IV and sixteen years before The after Years, last Fantasy IV Interlude, was released because that the game stations Portable, and featured several of the original last Fantasy IV protagonists.

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