Just wondering, is there a a way to open the sealed door on korriban? The one fused v the lightsaber, and also atton claims the ebon hawk couldnt blast open? it seems prefer theres some awesome booty behind it. Five wait, that is randomly generated! may 30, 2006 What are the answers because that the level one composed test in the sith academy in korriban?, Star wars Knights that the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Questions and answers, Xbox. BTW, ns am quiet angry v that door in the Korriban academy, an interpretation not getting that holocron. If it to be sealed through a lightsword (I think handmaiden exlains that this way), it deserve to be opened by a lighsword. Revan gift dark or light ~ no a an option in KoTOR II so I"m not certain what girlfriend mean. I am interested though, since I have actually been do the efforts to gain that holocron for a while and also I offered up.

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1) The Ebon Hawk

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2) The Valley – There are two important points to note while walking through the valley. The very first is that once you search any type of of the skeleton Corpses you"ll be assaulted by cloaked Hssiss Beasts which space guarding the remains. Secondly, when you go close to one of the tombs on either next of the sink you"ll be provided a short history lesson on every of the tombs.

If you"re a strong aligned personality you can enter the Shyrack cave now. If not come ago later together you won"t have the ability to enter the mystery Tomb until your personality is ready.

3) Sith Academy

4) Shyrack Cave

1) leave to valley of the Dark Lords

2) cultivate Console – There room a pair of Datapads approximately this area that will certainly tell you around the cultivate Console. Usage the computer and create one ID. You"ll be offered the ID: 3401726-B853S5O0X001. Go into your ID and also the computer will open the method to the Library at #3.

Go to the Library and also learn every you can, i beg your pardon isn"t much because most the the information has actually been deleted. Come earlier to the training Console and take her Level One test. Right here are the answers:

1) Freedon Nadd

2) 20

3) Gizka

4) "I constantly lie"

5) Passion, Strength, Power, Victory.

After you complete level one you"ll it is in given accessibility to the level 2 training in the cultivate Room at #5.

3) Library – This is what stays of the Sith library. Billionton bluetooth course 1 driver. Use the computer for part information around the Academy. Search the bag because that Thorium Charges that you can use to open up the door at #4 or conserve them because that the hidden cache on Dxun.

4) Holocron – This supplied to be Uthar"s old room. If you use the Thorium Charge right here you"ll be able to blow open the door and also watch the holocron recording.

Kotor 2 Korriban Walkthrough

5) training Room – usage the console in the center to take the test. Something goes wrong and you"re offered the Level 16 test instead. The Tuk"ata will be released from their cages. Death them and also check the console again. You"ll failure the test due to the fact that you took also long and told come visit the detention room.

6) Detention Room – The Jedi master Lonna Vash is lie dead in a cage. Find her because that a double-bladed lightsaber and also Datapad which provides information for escaping the Sith Academy. Use the console and also click ~ above Lonna Vash. You"ll now have accessibility to the mechanism commands and can open the front door.

As girlfriend head earlier to the departure you"ll be faced by Darth Sion and 2 Sith Assassins. Make sure you have actually a melee shield to defend from his lightsaber attacks and use any type of other buffs that you feeling necessary. Once he"s nearly been beat Kreia will speak to you ago and you"ll run away.

With the Sith Academy completed it"s time come head to the Shyrack cavern if friend haven"t already been there.

The Shyrack cavern is filled v Shyrack Wyrms and Tuk"ata. There are likewise ceramic jars dotted about the caves that may have an important items inside. Do your means to the bridge and then in to the secret Tomb.

1) leave to valley of the Dark Lords

2) Sith Assassins – as you try to cross the leg you"ll be ambushed by a couple of Sith Assassins.

3) leave to an enig Tomb – as soon as you"re high enough with either the light or dark side of the pressure you"ll be able to enter the mystery Tomb. Girlfriend will need to go alone and also leave her companions behind.

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This is a weird area whereby you will certainly relive some situations form your past. Your pressure points won"t recharge if you"re here so use them sparingly.