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I am having trouble removing the drive shaft from the transmission. I have actually never excellent it before. There appears to be a clip ~ above the pillar inside the transmission. I have actually tried pulling pretty hard with no success. No activity of the drive obelisk out the the infection at all.What is the proper method to eliminate it? i ran a search, but could find nothing.

Just a best guess as i am unfamiliar v this model and also have no tech spec come refer to.Kawasaki usage a pen or circlip mechanism to retain drive shafts.If there is a pin you will see a visible hole around 1/8" in dia ~ above the outside of the end of the shaft and also this pin require pushing in in ~ the very same time you apply removal pressure on the shaft.If they are using a clip it"s lickely you require to increase the clip to relax it"s retention ~ above the column again apply removal force on the tower whilst keeping the clip expanded.What her trying to do is open the clip and also keep the open sufficient to draw the shaft.A detailed photo would assist but hope a member who has actually removed a shaft will pop in and also reveal all

The clip is at the front of the splines. As soon as installed, the clip will be about 4 inches into the transmission. Over there is no clip near the external of the transmission. I believed the shaft must slide out. I have actually tapped a pair of wedges in between the transmission and the pillar trying to get the pillar to come out. I am at the point where i am worried around breaking something.

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Which drive shaft? Front, center, or rear?If it is the facility drive shaft that runs in between the transmission and the former differential, it is splined ~ above both ends, for this reason you eliminate the carrier bearing, on slide it over for space then slide the global yoke turn off the splined column of the transmission or the prior differential.If the Mule has not to be maintained and the yokes are rusted come the shafts, girlfriend will must spend part time enabling penetrating oil to work-related the yokes loose.It is additionally easier to simply drop the front differential so you get sufficient room to slide points off ~ above one that has actually been around for a few years and also things room stuck.Also, if they have had loosened splines repaired v LocTite it will certainly be important to warm the yokes to 300 levels F to rest the bond climate they will certainly slide off. Pretty typical on larger Mules to uncover the splines repaired with LocTite.If it is among the behind drive shafts, we usually think that them together axle shafts yet Kawasaki likewise calls them drive shafts, you need to remove the one of bolts top top the transaxle and also pull the bearing assembly and also then popular music the circlip top top the inside of the bearing to pull the axle cost-free of the bearing assembly. The front drive shafts simply pull the end of the differential once you unbolt the bearing retaining plates indigenous the differential and have the brake north off and the suspension disassembled. Friend then need to pull the inside circlip to remove the axle from the bearing retainer.