Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick

Nursery Rhyme

Jack be nimble,Jack it is in quick,Jack jump over The candlestick.

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There"s an old game that resembles this rhyme. Of food I"m no recommending that children play this in their homes without adult supervision! It"s probably much better if they don"t beat it in ~ all. It"s just exciting to review about, indigenous an historical perspective. Here"s how it"s described in a book called, "Games for Hallow-e"en", by mar F. Blain (1912):Jumping Lighted CandlePlace a lighted candle in middle of floor, not too securely placed;each one jumps over it. Anyone succeeds in clearing candle isguaranteed a happy year, free of problem or anxiety. He who knockscandle end will have a twelve-month that woe.I don"t think I"d have my kids do this in mine house!

Game Instructions

(1) Jack is one hand walking along on itsfore- and also middle-fingers.(2) Fist close up door on other hand; uplifted thumb for candle.Jack jumps over it.






Thanks and also Acknowledgements

The an initial illustration comes from The crooked man and also other rhymes, indigenous Aunt Mary"s Little series (published in brand-new York in between 1851 and also 1870 by McLoughlin Bros.). The 2nd illustration originates from Boys and Girls Bookshelf; a Practical arrangement of character Building, Volume ns (of 17), Fun and Thought for tiny Folk (1912), through some graphical modifying by Mama Lisa. The 3rd illustration originates from The Real mom Goose (1916), depicted by Blanche Fisher Wright. The 4th illustration can be found in The little Mother Goose (1912), portrayed by Jessie Willcox Smith, and also printed in the USA.

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