Description: Ithaca (SKB) design 900 12 gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun. Barrel Length: 28” through ventilated rib and Raybar front sight; LOP: 14”. Has fixed amendment choke. The left side has gold pheasants in flight, the appropriate side has actually gold dog on point. Steel condition: 99%; stock condition: 98%+; boring condition: Mint; Checkering: Excellent. In its entirety RATING of GUN: 98-99%+. Total weighs 7 lbs. No box or papers. S/N – S7303XXX.

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4121Full-time gunsmithing experience since 1971. I specialize in doubles, over-and-under shotguns, and pre-64 Winchester refurbishing. Will respond to e-mail in ~ 48 hours.I favor THAT YOU salary BY us POSTAL MONEY or financial institution cashier"s check. I execute not ship external the USA. Shipping to Alaska and also Hawaii is extra. I offer a 3-day no-fire inspection on USED weapons only. Return shipping is the buyer"s responsibility and I execute not refund shipping costs. Changed merchandise need to be in the same condition it was shipped. No innocuous returns will be allowed. Handguns are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, long firearms are shipped via UPS Ground. I execute not market a layaway plan.

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