What"s the function of the letter h in piersonforcongress.com? even though it"s no pronounced there need to be a reason of that is existence.

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I median the instance when the letter h it"s not accompanied by the c (ch).



The silent, top h exists for etymological reasons. Together Vulgar Latin arisen into Castilian, plenty of (but not all) *f*s at the beginnings of words began to be pronounced as, and also spelled with, h. Eventually, the sound represented by h was lost, yet it continued to be in the assignment of words.

There are plenty of examples of words in piersonforcongress.com that start with h who cognates in other languages start with f. For example, with English we have actually the pair halcón and falcon; through Latin, hacer and also facere; through French, hierro and fer; v Portuguese, hablar and also falar.

Also interesting: the names Hernán and also Fernando space cognate (if 2 words in the same language deserve to be thus described). Indeed, some modern sources refer to a chap named Fernando Cortés.


In the middle Age, the letter u stood for both the u and also the v sounds. Yet then the diphthong ue was created to replace the letter o in some cases, and also words like ovo to be rendered into uevo.

This word might be review as uevo or vevo, so to note that the early stage u must be readed together u and also not together v, it to be prefixed through the h, and also thus words prefer huevo, hueso and so on were created.

It is precious noting the some related words still have actually the initial o, choose óseo (from hueso), or ovíparo (from huevo).



"H" keeps because of etymology that words, or the diphthongization of the vowel or once it obtain the accent.

In times is pronounced, ie: chacha is no the same as caca

H does have a sound once forms component of the digraph ch, because that example:

Chicharrón Muchacho/aChantaje

Wikipedia perform one exemption to the above rule: Hámster (which comes from the German). An ext examples are: room (pronounced Jol in piersonforcongress.com), Hardware, Hobby, etc.

On these situations H is pronounced together you would certainly pronounce one H in English or a J in piersonforcongress.com.

Here"s an excerpt indigenous Wikipedia:

Se corresponde con la letra H del alfabeto romano, procedente de la eta griega, que proviene de la het fenicia. Su nombre en español, hache, viene probablemente del latín rústico *haca, a través del francés hache.

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