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Oxford, October 1st, 2019 - Sniper elite 3 ultimate Edition has actually blitzed top top Nintendo Switch! Fans deserve to now purchase and also play Rebellion’s award-winning tactical shooter, accessible both ~ above the Nintendo eShop and as a boxed edition. Come celebrate the launch, Rebellion has actually released a brand brand-new trailer showcasing the game’s tremble gameplay ~ above the Nintendo Switch!

Watch the Sniper upstream 3: can be fried Edition launch Trailer Nintendo Switch


Sniper upstream 3 ultimate Edition is the considerable collection the OSS agent knife Fairburne’s assignments in north Africa, 1942. In addition to the intense story campaign, Sniper elite 3: ultimate Edition features all of the additional content ever before released because that the game! That consists of four extra project levels in which you’ll need to singlehandedly protect against the murder of Churchill and also covertly assassinate the Führer in a breathtaking mission that have the right to be perfect in lot of ways!

In addition to the base game, Sniper elite 3 can be fried Edition top top Nintendo switch includes:

• The conserve CHURCHILL added mini-campaign, split across three tremble missions• The above TARGET HITLER: hunt THE GREY WOLF added campaign mission

• 8 added weapon package featuring 24 extra weapons

• 6 added competitive multiplayer maps

• The challenging Overwatch co-op mission TWILIGHT STRIKE

• The shooting Range, featuring weapon-specific challenges


And Sniper upstream 3 ultimate Edition top top Nintendo Switch provides exclusive new features including:

• local CO-OP and MULTIPLAYER – In enhancement to online, Sniper elite 3 ultimate Edition supports regional wireless multiplayer because that the first time! girlfriend up through the entire project in 2-player neighborhood co-op, and in the Overwatch and Survival modes. Take it on her mates in neighborhood competitive multiplayer for approximately 4 players! Or walk online with competitive multiplayer for up to 8 players!• movement CONTROLS – Fine track your aiming v gyroscope controls and feel bullet impact with HD rumble!

• agree CONTROLLER support – Take her levels the precision sniping up a notch!

Sniper elite 3 can be fried Edition take away you across oases, canyons and sand-swept urban in a deadly sirloin to sabotage a Nazi at sight weapon. Use destructive traps and melee takedowns come take the end your targets stealthily. Hone her sharpshooting through mastering gravity, wind and also even your heart rate. Watch her bullets rip with organs, bones and even vehicles in the trademark X-Ray death Cam.