Yahoo! answers went far forever might 4, 2021, and this is sad because that a number of reasons. It’s constantly been a delightful, user-driven communication of questions asked and answered by Yahoo users. If you unfamiliar, here’s how it works: A Yahoo! user submits a question, and also the general Yahoo! public deserve to answer. The cool aspect here was that users can upvote both questions and also answers to rise their visibility.

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Questions were organized right into categories with multiple sub-categories under every to sheathe every subject a user may ask questions on, such together beauty, business, finance, cars, electronics, entertainment, games, gardening, science, news, politics, parenting, pregnancy, travel, etc.

The best part about the entirety system to be the randomness that the questions, and also often, the funniest solution to those questions. In honor of 15 year of Yahoo! Questions, here are the many head-scratching Yahoo Questions and also their out-of-the-box, make-you-scratch-your-head answers.

It’s the end of an era, and also really, it was the first platform that allowed so much interactivity till AOL messenger come along. Ns fancied myself together a nice wry gal with some an imaginative answers; however, ns bow come the geniuses in this list.


Full Question: "Do you think people will ever walk top top the sun? i was simply thinking and thought just how crazy it was the a human walked ~ above the moon and mars. Ns was just wondering if girlfriend think s < sic> human will ever be able to walk top top the sun to ? i recognize its yes, really hot however im reasoning if you walk in the winter once the sun is prefer 30 degrees i gambling they can do it."

Best Answer: "Well, if lock do, that would have to be at night."

Science questions have to be a pretty easy ar to answer; most questions will have actually definitive answers. There room legions the scientists, theories, and also data to back them up. So, once a really dumb science question comes along, you need to jump ~ above it choose GummyRoach did.


Full Question: "What walk "she wants the d" mean? Hey so over there is this boy I prefer Adam, and also he"s cute...Adam quiet hasn"t inquiry me out however my friends phone call me lock hear Adam"s friends speak stuff favor "Yo walk for the Adam!" "She desires the d." therefore is this a good thing? it sounds like Adam can like me ago and he"s constantly nervous as soon as we talk!! I"m most likely wrong yet I think d way date which would certainly be cute since that way they know I want the date with Adam. Please help! The high institution ball is comes up, and also I desire to ultimately ask that out."

Best Answer: "Sounds favor a real swell guy. What it way when they say "She desires the D" it means Diamond as in the engagement ring. So they view you as future mam material. (p.s. Nobody here say anything)."

The one point we all require in our resides is good advice. And also getting your facts correctly can mean the difference between what a relationship is and also isn’t. Take bad Trixy (who insurance claims to it is in 16) and also what CrazyDan offers. I hope that a diamond ring was affiliated for this bad girl’s sake.


Full Question: "If i eat myself would certainly i come to be twice as big or disappear completely?"

Best Answer: "That just blew my mind."

In the realm of health, nothing is quite as far-ranging as keeping a healthy weight. The a gold conventional in life a long life. However, ScottKennymore come along and also bends the ide this way—and they’ve gained a point. What happens???


Full Question: "How was the regime of milking cows because that milk discovered? I understand we all think this."

Best Answer: "Guessing, there to be a cow molester."

In the background of the world, I’ve never asked myself numerous questions around the beginning of farming or the techniques. Yet someone did, and also well, let’s just say the Old MacDonald requirements to deal with this. (Y’all, the mental picture is too much)


Full Question: "Should mine dog learn to drive? She is virtually 26 in dog years. She so badly wants to discover to drive, but is this a very good idea?"

Best Answer: "What state room you in? In some claims being shade blind will be an issue for her."

Pet treatment is critical to our pets’ wellbeing, and also I can see wherein Yahoo! Answers would be a great platform for pet lover to connect. However, if girlfriend ask a stupid concern Chandra, be prepared for the blowback in the answers. Thanks to LynnPoint for discussing the obvious.

Full Question: "I visited England and they speak American??? Why is this? likewise they replicated our city names choose Boston, (New) York, Birmingham and the state that (New) Hampshire!!! Why execute they copy us!!! additionally why execute they to speak david beckham is English once he"s American???"

Best Answer: "Christopher Columbus, under the the supervisory board of King Washington sailed from Boston harbor seeking a brand-new trade route to Spain when he accidentally discovered the british Isles. He named the place England ~ the new England states in the USA. Human being in England room the direct descendants the American sailors and therefore speak American. David Beckham came to be an American citizen once he married his Posh Spice who is a straight descendant the Pochantas , a indigenous American. The united States has actually a well-off heritage. American have migrated everywhere the world and also populated all of Europe. Europeans room all descendants of the American peoples."

People who travel love digital forums. Lock can attach with various other travelers and also swap stories and also tips. Then again, sometimes you finish up v a Randy who most likely isn’t a traveler (or a background buff) at all. The literally responded to this rash with, "Very Informative." 

Full Question: "Is pepperoni pizza vegetarian? mine vegan friend constantly has pepperoni pizza he insurance claims its vegetarian, because during the procedure of dealing with the meat and spicing that to end up being pepperoni that it loses its meatness. Is this right?"

Best Answer: "Uh, I would certainly say her friend isn"t yes, really a vegetable or vegetarian. Loses its meatness? That"s hilarious. Walk the cheese lose it"s cheeseness when it melts? at what suggest does the crust lose it"s crustness?"

Again, an additional topic that’s warm right now: the ide of veganism and also what constitutes a vegetable meal. For some of us, the answers aren’t constantly quite clear. Civilization like David must find far better friends. Also, remember the vegan meats and also meals no highly renowned 8+ year ago, so majnun99 was likely right. Also, note that true veganism method ‘no pet byproducts’ so the cheese should have actually been off-limits too.

Full Question: "What legislation is pulling a sled behind a automobile breaking? Me and my friends were planning ~ above pulling sleds behind his automobile in un-plowed subdivisions, Im certain this is probably against the law, if that is i m sorry law and also approximitely what would be the fine?"

Best Answer: "Darwin"s law. Source:"

It’s hard to save track of regional laws, particularly when a large snowfall has happened. If you’re indigenous the South, everyone loses your mind. I have actually to think that goblue0619 is among those folks native the South and also that your 4-wheeler remained in the shop. Thank goodness because that sydney_22_f, who knew where to command them.

Full Question: "Is the daisy powerline 856 great for squirrels?"

Best Answer: "No, that is too lengthy to hide in their nest and the create is too much forward for their paws to be able to hold and fire at the same time. Most of the 설 설 in mine hood just carry a tiny handgun, favor a Glock 26 or 27. Hope this helps."

While gun regulate is a significant issue, someone had actually a many fun crafting your answers. My personal response is that yes, a daisy powerline will certainly knock a squirrel out of a tree—don’t questioning me how I know.

Full Question: "Is the hunger games based on a true story?" ns was city hall the hunger games. Is the true? like did it occur to Nazis after ~ WWII?"

Best Answer: "Not WWII. This actually taken place right after ~ the Pilgrims concerned America. They took end the land and also forced the indigenous Americans to participate in the Hunger Games. The factor why Pocahontas is so famous is because she was the winner of the an initial Hunger Games."

Nothing better than a team of civilization discussing a books or movies; this writer highly motivates reading. Yet you have to know that if you no hear around it in a history book, it most likely didn’t happen. Take it The Hunger Games because that example…

Full Question: "Is a pineapple a good gift in Japan? say the I"m in Japan come visit a friend. Is that fine come gift lock a pineapple? is it far better to gift it come them top top a details holiday?"

Best Answer: "I"m Japanese. Ummm...well...pineapple together a gift, this is no such a bad idea. Specifically if you come indigenous a nation where pineapples are a major agricultural product. But no, let"s it is in honest. Pineapples space a fairly bewildering an option to receive as a gift. Frankly speaking, I would recommend that you go for miscellaneous else...Pineapples are now a familiar fruit, readily accessible in supermarkets almost everywhere in Japan. There is no pineapple known as a luxury brand...It will most likely baffle your friend."

Everyone always has the one friend who’s difficult to purchase for. Whether regional or abroad, we deserve to all agree that sometimes, giving is a hard concept—especially once your friend has actually everything. And also friends, ns feel it"s crucial to keep in mind that this is a present ENTRY IN 2021; not one from ago in the day.

Full Question: "How perform babies come out of a vagina? i mean... The tubes are too tiny inside the vagina for a infant to come the end of - and also the vagina chin is too little to relax a baby out of the - how does it come out?"

Best Answer: "You eat a lot of butter and the baby slilps out."

Where execute babies come from? the a precious question and one much pondered by a younger generation. However, i’m quite specific this is no the appropriate answer. And also seriously, imagine the cholesterol you would have actually if you had three kids.

Full Question: "I ate 10 donuts today yet went top top a 10 minute walk, did that burn turn off the calories? Hello. I went top top a 10 minute, rapid paced walk. Did the burn the fat I would have got from the 10 donuts i ate?" —Dr. Jeff Stevens

Best Answer: "An avg donut has actually 300 calories. So you soaked up 3,000 calories. Walking an hour burns about 300 calories so 10 mins would certainly burn 50 calories. Therefore only means you might burn 3,000 calorie in 10 mins if you were pulling a 747 airplane along v you."

You would think v all the websites and also calorie counters around, human being wouldn’t have actually questions around calorie burning or exercise. Keep in mind that Dr. Jeff Stevens has actually no principle of either. Maybe it’s time to gain your money ago for your degree, Doctor.

Full Question: "Is porcelain floor tile pet urine proof? I know it says water proof yet I to be thinking around the grout if urine gets on it. Will certainly it be able to be to wash off and sanitized? ns thought about vinyl flooring but the pee would gain into the cracks. I have carpet now and my dog won"t avoid urinating on the no issue what i do. And also no matter just how much ns clean the it quiet stinks so bad so I"m sure that is why that keeps walking on it. Is over there anything much better to obtain than tile?"

Best Answer: "no but ShamWow is. Additionally who has actually a tiled bedroom, you deserve jail time."

It’s always daunting to be a homeowner—especially if you’re no that acquainted with the care of your interior. Floors, because that instance, all have actually such particular needs as soon as it comes to cleaning. If you the anonymous asker the this question, friend obviously require some aid because her pet is untrainable. Props come Bryant who is there and also offers not only product placement however commentary together well.

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Full Question: "I wanted to see if my computer would check out my credit card for this reason I put it in the CD Rom and also it got stuck, just how do I get it out? i tried toothpicks however got lost in the process? The drive is making funny noises..Help???"

Best Answer: "On most PC CD rooms there is a tiny hole the size of a pin somewhere top top there. Power down your PC and then push a document clip or pin in there, hard. It will certainly manually pressure it to open. Acquire the credit transaction card, toothpicks, shoes horns and also whatever you grounding in the and slide that closed again. As for her CD Rom? most likely ain"t gonna it is in that healthy and balanced anymore but you never know. I expect an invite come the next party."

In the period of virtual transactions, it’s vital to realize the this to be a novel idea simply eight year ago. World shopped in buildings in person. So, imagine if this taken place to you?

Full Question: "Where room you going ~ yahoo answer shuts down for questions?"

Best Answer: "I am gonna go outside for the an initial time because June 28, 2005 and see if any kind of of my friends are still alive." —Antoine

All this talk about Yahoo! Answers has actually me thinking, what will these soldier of people do there is no the platform? give thanks to goodness yes Antoine with response for that together well.