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What walk Jesse execute for a living?Who are Jesse’s parents and also siblings?What room Jesse’s interests and hobbies?Is Jesse married or walk he have a Girlfriend/ boyfriend?Does Jesse have any kind of children?Where is Jesse now?How tall is Jesse?How lot money walk Jesse earn?What is Jesse’s network worth?

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Who is Jesse l Martin?

Jesse L martin is an American actor, a talented singer, and a stage performer best known for originating Tom Collins’ role on Broadway in the musical Rent and additionally his role as Detective Joe West ~ above The flash TV series as well as Detective Ed environment-friendly in the Lan & stimulate TV series.

He began his career after graduating from new York University. He began off through touring the United claims with john Houseman’s The Acting company before heading ago to new York to perform almost everywhere that he can find work. At this time, he appeared in whatever ranging from plays at neighborhood theatres to soap operas and commercials. He landed a recurring duty in CBS’s Guiding light but still in the during waited tables to assistance himself.

Jesse then went on to make his Broadway debut in Timon the Athens before on come the bag role of Tom Collins in the Tony Award and also Pulitzer Prize-winning music Rent. He performed in several plays including The federal government Inspector, bright Lights huge City, The seller of Venice, and also The Winter’s Tale among others. His stage performances build him a an excellent reputation and in 1995, he made his prime time TV debut in a guest figure on the Fox police drama brand-new York Undercover. Later in 1997, 2 year later, he became a continuous on an additional Fox drama, 413 hope Street, playing the function of Antonio Collins. He landing his an initial big-screen role in Restaurant in 1998.

He then showed up regularly on Fox’s allied McBeal, as Dr. Greg Butters, as the on-off doctor’s boyfriend. The then welcomed the function of Lennie Briscoe’s partner on law & Order, instead of Benjamin Bratt’s personality in 1999. He also guest-starred together Negro league baseball player in the X-Files episode, The Unnatural, written and also directed through David Duchovny.


A picture of Jesse l Martin

After leaving regulation & Order whereby he starred together Detective Ed green in 2008, he got hired by NBC as the co-star the The Philanthropist prior to he joined the stop cast. The again landing a function a police officer role as Detective Joe West in The flash TV collection in 2004 whereby he has actually been spreading till now. Because that now, that is at this time busy v his recurring character as Joe West in the American TV series, The Flash. He lives in Manhattan, new York and he is top top the board of Trustees because that the Jonathan Larson Performing arts Foundation.

How Old is Jesse together Martin?

Jesse to be born ~ above January 18, 1969 in Rocky Mount, Virginia, U.S. The is 52 year old as of 2021. He share his date of birth with other famous people such together Angelique Kerber, Ashleigh Murray, Benjamin Todd Jealous, Devin Kelley, DJ Quik, Jason Segel, Dave Bautista, amongst others.

Jesse l Martin Family

Who room Jesse together Martin’s Parents?

Does Jesse together Martin have Siblings?

He was born 3rd in his household of five boys. His father, Jesse Reed Watkins was a truck driver and also his mother, Virginia Price, to be a university counselor. His parents divorced once he was a son and after that after his mommy remarried, he and his brothers chose to embrace their stepfather’s surname. They then moved to Buffalo, new York whereby he perfect his education.

Jesse l Martin Education

Martin attend the Buffalo school for Visual and Performing Arts. He also enrolled at an after-school drama regime where the honed his acting skills and learned just how to prosper out the his embarrassy shell due to the fact that he to be a shy boy as he prospered up. He climate attended brand-new York University’s Tisch school of the Arts.

Jesse l Martin Wife

He has actually been may be to keep his life intact and also out the the media sight and also rarely gives insight right into his personal life. However, he was reportedly in a connection with Venessa talk in 2006 but they never gained married. They parted ways and also since climate he has actually never been linked, as of now, he is solitary and not married.

Jesse l Martin Gay

After the parting means with Venessa and also him never ever being attached to any type of lady therefore far, there came a speculation that his sexual orientation. Together of now, he has not asserted himself either as gay or straight.

Jesse together Martin Children

So far, he has no recognized children.

Jesse l Martin Height

Adding approximately his well-built human body is a height of is 1.88m tall.

Jesse l Martin network Worth

He has an estimated net precious of &10 million.

Jesse together Martin Rent

He stars as Tom Collins, an anarchist and also gay philosophy professor through AIDS, a previous roommate of Maureen, Roger, Mark, and Benny, and also Angel’s love interest. Rent is a 2005 American music drama movie directed by chris Columbus.

Jesse l Martin Flash

He was actors as Detective Joe West, a police detective who acts together a surrogate dad to Barry after ~ his mother’s death and father’s imprisonment and Iris and also Wally’s father. He likewise has a daughter called Jenna West v his fiancee, district attorney Cecile Horton in the TV collection The Flash. The Flash is an American superhero television collection developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns, airing on The CW. It is based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen / Flash.

Jesse L. Martin Law and also Order

He plays his function as Detective Ed Green, a junior detective advocated to an elderly detective ~ Fontana retires. Regulation & order is one American police procedural and legal drama television series created by penis Wolf. The premiered top top September 13, 1990, and completed the twentieth and also final season on might 24, 2010.

Jesse together Martin allied Mcbeal

He starred as Dr. Greg butters in ally McBeal, one American legal comedy-drama TV series created by David E. Kelley. It aired on Fox from September 8, 1997, to may 20, 2002.

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Jesse l Martin Marvin Gaye

It was announced on in march 4, 2013, that Martin would change Lenny Kravitz as Marvin Gaye in one upcoming biopic directed by Julien Temple, and produced by Vassal Benton and Fred Bestall. Marvin Gaye was an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was born ~ above April 2, 1939, and also died on April 1, 1984.

Stage Work

Ring of men (off-Broadway) – unknown date and also characterThe Prince and also the Pauper (off-Broadway) – unknown character and also dateArabian Nights (off-Broadway) – Prince the Fools, Clarinetist, young (1994)The Butcher’s Daughter (Cleveland Playhouse) – unknown character (1993)Timon of Athens (Broadway Premiere) – “Alcibiades’ Officer” (original), “Second Masseur” (original), Alcibiades (understudy) (1993).The government Inspector (Broadway revival) – Abdulin (original), Panteleyeva (understudy) (1994)Rent (off-Broadway) – Tom Collins (1996)” “(Broadway) – Tom Collins (1996)” “(West End) – Tom Collins (1998Bright Lights, huge City (musical) (concept recording) – TadThe Threepenny Opera (Williamstown, MA; Williamstown Theatre Festival Production) – Macheath (2003)The vendor of Venice (Shakespeare in the Park) – Gratiano (summer 2010)The Winter’s tale (Shakespeare in the Park) – King Polixenes (summer 2010)The vendor of Venice (Broadway) – Gratiano (2010); transport from the Shakespeare in the Park productionRomeo and also Juliet (Public Theater; Delacorte Theatre’s 50th anniversary) – Gregory, Friar John, Watchman 2 (2012)