Raise her hand if you’ve checked out your dog litter up your dinner and then immediately start scarfing that right back up. I think it’s taken place to every one of us dog owner at least once, and it’s an image we don’t conveniently forget.

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“No kisses because that you tonight, Fido.”

Seeing our dogs eat your vomit is pretty disgusting, however to our dog it’s a totally normal thing to do. So it obtained me wondering, why perform dogs eat their own vomit anyway?

Why perform Dogs Eat Their own Vomit?

I don’t think there’s countless dog owners out there who haven’t watched their dog eat their own vomit. Dogs are weird, and also at times they execute some quite gross stuff.

But to your dog eat vomit isn’t weird at all, it’s a herbal behavior. Dog eat their very own vomit due to the fact that to lock it’s viewed as a food source. As soon as pups space being weaned mommy dogs will regurgitate food for their young to aid them change to eating solid foods.

And gross as it may be to us vomit still smells favor food, at the very least to your dog. Their feeling of odor is way far better than our very own (estimates differ on exactly how lot better), for this reason they don’t just look in ~ a heap of puke and get grossed the end — they smell food.

Dogs Eat Their own Vomit due to the fact that it Smells favor Food

Many dogs will certainly eat their very own vomit if it’s no picked up by their person right away. Castle don’t look at it and say “ewww, gross” favor we do. If vomit might be gross to us, our dogs have the ability to recognize that it’s not simply a nasty mix that bile & stomach materials — there’s food corpuscle in there.

Dogs possess around 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses contrasted to 6 million for united state humans. These receptors are what’s responsible because that our detection of odor molecules, and they help send signal to our brain which helps united state differentiate various smells.

Our feeling of odor is relegated to a small an ar on the roof the our sleep cavity, and our main airway path. So when we smell something that goes in and out quickly with the air us breath. In dogs about 12% of the waiting they breath it s okay detoured into a unique area in the earlier of the nose committed to smells. It’s filled with olfactory receptor that enable dogs to process and recognize an ext smells.

So once your dog pukes up his dinner he’s not going to it is in grossed out by his stomach materials lying over there on the floor. He’s walk to automatically recognize the “hey, there’s many food in there.”

The short answer is that it’s quite normal because that a dog to want to eat what they’ve carried up, but the cram up might be reason for concern. – Banfield pets Hospital


Dogs eating their own vomit is fairly common. They’re able to differentiate many different smells and they’re able to immediately recognize the vomit has lots the food corpuscle in it.

Mother Dogs feed Regurgitated Food to your Pups

Eating partially digested food is nothing brand-new to dogs. Occasionally the indigenous vomiting & regurgitation are provided interchangeably, however the distinct distinction is that vomiting is done involuntarily. Vomiting is an involuntary expulsion the stomach contents, and regurgitation is the voluntarily return the undigested food indigenous the esophagus back to the mouth.

Regurgitation is an important step in weaning canines, and it’s a practice still seen in domestic dogs. In 1995 sweden scientists uncovered that about 60% of dogs still regurgitate food for your pups.

Since regurgitation is component of their nature our dogs don’t think twice before eating vomit. It may be disgusting come us, but to our dog it’s simply food. Partly digested perhaps, but that’s just just how mama used to make it.

Eating Vomit is normal for Dogs, yet Vomiting can be cause For Concern

If your dog ate his very own vomit girlfriend don’t must worry around that habits itself. It’s gun indeed, however it’s a common behavior in dogs.

Dogs periodically vomit after eating too conveniently or eating something disagreeable. Yet vomiting can additionally be a authorize of a much more serious condition.

If your dog throws up pay fist to his behavior. If he’s exhilaration differently, doesn’t want to eat, appears tired, or throws up much more than once it might be time for a expedition to the vet.

How to Discourage your Dog From eat Vomit

The best method to protect against your dog from eat their very own vomit is to instantly remove them native the instance after lock threw up. I’ve had actually times wherein I went to grab supplies to clean increase my dogs puke only to discover she’d beaten me to it. Regrettably it deserve to be really tempting for some dogs, and Laika is no exception.

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So now after my dog vomits I’ll instantly take she outside and keep one eye top top her. Due to the fact that dogs often puke an ext than as soon as it’s likewise a nice method to avoid another cleanup inside.

Does her Dog Eat Their very own Vomit?

I have yet to fulfill a dog human who claims their dog hasn’t eaten their very own vomit at least once. If i don’t catch Laika ideal away she will eat that every single time. Does her dog eat vomit?