I live way out in Marana and also have concerns with rattlesnakes fairly frequently this time that year. I have actually 2 dogs and also hate snakes. Am ns breaking any kind of laws by exterminating a rattlesnake as soon as I see it in mine yard?


I recognize this wasn't her question yet if you are worried around your dogs take it them to snake aversion classes. It could save their lives.

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i have actually hunting dogs, and we do this for all our dogs. It helps, yet if the dog never sees the snake it doesn't know to stop it.

ARS 17-301.01 states any person may take wildlife in self-defense or in defense of another person if the is immediately necessary to defend oneself or to safeguard the other person. Any individual that takes wildlife in self-defense shall inform the room within 5 days of taking the animal. No pet or part of an pet taken in self-defense might be retained, sold or eliminated from the website without authorization from the department. Learn much more about hunting regulations by visiting the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s internet site at azgfd.gov/hunt.

This suspect you intended killing the pet for me defense, though... What scenario are you proposing?

you need a searching license and you arent allowed to discharge a firearm within a 1/4 mile of a habitable structure.

Run favor hell. I hate snakes. Ns don't know exactly how you might get for this reason close to them, considering you usage a shovel and also butcher them. If i were you, I'd think about finding someone brave enough to go out and also find the feet they're comes from, and also end the difficulty at the root.

Honestly I supplied to death rattlesnakes in the property around my house, but recently I've stopped. The reason? fine everybody kills rattlesnakes when they listen them. The difficulty is, the is such a common actions that rattlesnakes born there is no rattles space becoming more common due to the fact that we don't listen them and they survive. So maybe if we keep killing typical rattlesnakes, the ones there is no rattles can be just as common - i beg your pardon is lot scarier. This is evolution directly at work here.

I don't know around you guys, but I'm gonna store leaving the rattlesnakes alone.

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Call your regional fire department. We've had at the very least 2 or 3 rattlesnakes in our yard and also they always come and also take them away, totally free of charge. Can't confirm this for her fire district but at the very least for mine it's true.


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