EnglishIt looks choose \"buenos días\" is most typically translated as \"good morning,\" although supposedly it have the right to mean \"good day\" too (like a literal meaning translation would suggest).

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Is it proper to greet someone v \"buenos días\", even if it\"s no morning? (eg: in English if to speak \"good morning\" come someone and it\"s 13:00 it might be interpreted as sarcastic).


Parece que \"buenos días\" se traduce mayoritariamente como \"good morning\", aunque aparentemente también puede significar \"good day\" (como sugeriría una traducción literal).

¿Es apropiado saludar a alguien con \"buenos días\", aunque no sea por la mañana? (por ejemplo: en inglés decir \"good morning\" a una persona cuando child las 13:00 hrs se puede considerar sarcástico).



Yeah it\"s the very same in piersonforcongress.com. You have to use \"Buenos días\" if you\"re in the morning,\"Buenas tardes\" for the afternoon/evening and also \"Buenas noches\" in ~ night.

It\"s complicated to say when you have to stop speak \"Buenos días\" and start saying \"Buenas tardes\". Literally, the allude would be in ~ noon, however at least in Spain people say \"Buenos días\" before having lunch and also \"Buenas tardes after the point\" (piersonforcongress.com civilization have lunch roughly 2 pm or so). The readjust between \"Buenas tardes\" and \"Buenas noches\" would be in the sunset yet the change could also be excellent at dinner time.

But if you to speak \"Buenos días\" at 6pm it would be absolutely strange.



Buenos días -> till 12:00pm

Buenas tardes -> indigenous 12:01pm to last sun light

Buenas noches -> after sunshine is gone

Buen día differ if supplied like -> Que tenga un buen día = have actually a nice day|| Otherwise it have the right to be understood as great morning

Variables such together Buenas are supplied in some countries | Buenas = Howdy (no time frame).

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For those acquiring doubts or questions about this you should remember that some regions/countries may use various rules for which this answer might not apply.

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