In the competitive skateboard civilization of today, there are numerous names that you have the right to hear. Among various slip companies, Dwindle circulation makes the name as a height manufacturer with countless famous brands under that management, such together Darkstar.

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In this article, us will gain to know much more about this brand’s history, as well as what we like and don’t like about their products. Especially, our evaluation of the ideal Darkstar skateboards can assist you come up through a perfect choice!

Company Overview

Founded in 1977 by Chef thomas – a expert skater, Darkstar firm originally began as a skateboard wheel company. Soon after the agency was controlled by Dwindle Distribution, and also later world International Limited, Darkstar expanded its product lines with skateboards, exceptionally high-quality decks.

Along with various other renowned skate brand under the Dwindle umbrella, such as Enjoi, Dusters, Bind, and Almost, Darkstar has actually made that is name as a high-quality skateboard brand v the iconic logo of the armored knight.

Besides gift a reputable deck manufacturer, Darkstar is a famed skateboarding brand. All of the company’s products are make by DSM – the Dwindle’s exclusive manufacturing woodshop. It employs the single deck-pressing technique to insurance the consistency of the products. Aside from that, DSM utilizes its patented epoxy an innovation and to produce its very own veneer, i beg your pardon is make of imported maple logs native Canadian great Lake.

Are Darkstar Skateboards good?

General Information

Since Darkstar previously focused on producing wheels and also decks, no wonder why the company has deserve a solid reputation in the industry. Darkstar’s decks are best known to be unbreakable, when the wheels carry out high-performance quality, which allows skaters come board quicker with ease.

Speaking of finish skateboards, the brand additionally receives a significant number the plaudits native skaters for an excellent quality and also affordable prices. If you are seeking for a highly-valued underpants brand, look at no further than Darkstar!

What we Like


Designs: besides the iconic logo of the armored knight, Darkstar features creative and distinctive graphics that mark the exclusive layout of the brand.Concave: most of Darkstar boards have great medium-depth concave, i m sorry is fit for various varieties of skating.

What we Don’t Like


Not for advanced skating levels: back a complete Darkstar setup is of kind quality, that does not satisfy the demands of more tough skaters. If girlfriend want much better performance, girlfriend should consider upgrading the wheels, bearings, or trucks of her board.Fake products: numerous fake and cheap Darkstar products appear in the sector now. Therefore, that is best for riders to purchase a Darkstar board from Darkstar main website, dependable online merchant, or high quality skate shops.

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Who deserve to Use Darkstar Boards?

Darkstar skateboards room recommended because that novice and intermediate skaters, prefer riders with much less than 2-year experience. In ~ an amateur skating level, Darkstar provides numerous useful and also excellent functionalities to do it a decent beginning skateboard. If you like to customize your appropriate board, you can purchase solitary components favor decks and wheels. In addition to that, you have the right to purchase a hassle-free pre-assembled skateboard together well.

Best Darkstar Skateboards Review

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