This video from the explore Economics collection helps kids understand that civilization are both consumers and also producers. Kids learn that consumers buy goods and services to accomplish their wants and also that producers make goods and services. Kids are urged to be producers by do a bookmark, and then come be consumers by making use of a bookmark to host their place in a book. Students discover a song about goods and services.

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Let’s discover a small economics.

Today we room going come talk about consumers and also producers. Prior to we start, you might want to get a item of building paper, a pair the scissors, some markers or crayons, and a book that you are reading.

The civilization you see right here are producers. Producer are world who do or thrive goods and administer services. Sometimes they are referred to as workers, and also they aid us do things. For example, a florist is a producer who renders pretty bouquets. A baker is a producer who cooks up yummy cakes, and a artist is a producer who creates artwork for us to admire.

Can you name these producers? (PAUSE)Doctors, hair stylists, landscapers, and also mechanics room producers.

When you attract a picture, or when you make cookies, you space a producer.

People room consumers, too. The human being you see right here are drinking a smoothie, shopping because that groceries, and also playing in a sandbox. Consumer are civilization who to buy or use goods and services to satisfy their wants. Once you eat your dinner, you will be a consumer. You’ll it is in hungry and eating a meal will certainly make you feeling full. You’ll be a customer of food. Girlfriend are likewise a consumer when you walk to school. You room learning. You room consuming knowledge.

Can you surname these consumers? (PAUSE)When people buy things, usage skateboards, or watch movies, they space consumers.

Now the is time because that you to it is in a producer. Use the scissors to cut a rectangle favor this one from the construction paper. Usage the markers to decorate the rectangle like a bookmark—maybe prefer this.(You have the right to pause this video while girlfriend make her bookmark—or, save watching if you’d choose to think about it a little!)Congratulations! You space a producer. You developed a bookmark. Currently it is time because that you to it is in a consumer!

Open your book and use the bookmark to conserve your spot. You are using a good—a bookmark. Congratulations! You room a consumer. Human being are consumers and also producers.

Now that is time to discover a tiny song about consumers and producers. Let’s song our song.

We’ll present you the words therefore you deserve to sing along. Simply follow the bouncing ball.

The farmer who grow our food, thrive our food, flourish our food, the farmers who flourish our food, they space producers.

The people who gobble it up, gobble the up, gobble it up, the world who gobble it up—they room consumers.

When ns make a brand-new bookmark, brand-new bookmark, new bookmark—when ns make a brand-new bookmark, i am a producer.

When I usage my cool bookmark, cool bookmark, cool bookmark—when I usage my cool bookmark, ns am a consumer.

When people make goods and also services, goods and also services, goods and also services—when civilization make goods and also services, they room producers.

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When they use the points produced, the things produced, the points produced—when they use the points produced, they room consumers.


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