If the electron configuration of an aspect is 1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^2 3p^5 the facet isA. IronB. BromineC. ChlorineD. Phosphorus

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The quantum mechanical version of the atomA. Is came to with the probability of recognize an electron in a specific positionB. Was proposed by Neils BohrC. Defines the specific path of one electron roughly the nucleus D. Has many analogies in the clearly shows world
The maximum number of electrons that deserve to occupy the 3rd principal power level is A. 18B. 32C. 2D. 8
As the frequency of irradiate increases, the wavelength A. IncreasesB. Continues to be the sameC. Reduce D. Viewpoints the speed of light
The formula 2n^2 representsA. The variety of sub level in any energy level B. The maximum number of electrons that have the right to occupy an power levelC. He number of orbitals in a below level D. Nobody of the above
In order to occupy the very same orbital, 2 electrons must haveA. The very same direction the spinB. Low energyC. The contrary chargeD. The opposite spin
Stable electron construction are likely to save on computer A. High-energy electron B. Unfilled s orbitalsC. Fewer electrons than unstable configurationsD. Filled energy sublevels
According to Hund"s rule, when electrons occupy orbitals of same energy, one electron enters each orbit untilA. All the orbitals save one electron, through spins parallel B. Every the orbitals save on computer one electron, v opposite spinsC. There space two electron in every orbitalD. Electron velocities come to be constant




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