The helicopter cameras showed cars snaking earlier for miles together thousands of chauffeurs were captured in travel chaos on the method to Dover and also Folkestone critical weekend. This weekend's web traffic is not meant to be so bad, yet long queues space still possible... In fact crashes and roadworks ~ above a summer weekend have the right to cause huge delays on any kind of busy road. Here are seven tips for making it through a mammoth queue in hot weather.

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The RAC recommends heading out through a full tank that petrol so over there is no hazard of running out together you keen along, maybe for hrs on end. The AA advises checking the car's coolant levels and cooling system and also tyre pressures. Tyres that room worn or the wrong press are an ext likely to punch in greater temperatures. Fitting vehicle sunshades can assist keep passenger cooler in the back.

Your first reaction is likely to be among annoyance, adhered to by a feeling of powerlessness together the hrs tick by. Jacqueline Barnes, professor of mental sciences in ~ the college of London, suggests focusing ~ above the truth that the ordeal is temporary and also that plenty of others space in the same situation.

Whatever girlfriend do, don't lash out at your travelling companions. "Remember the whoever made the booking is no to blame," Barnes says.

There are likewise ways you deserve to turn your experience into something positive, she points out. If you room online, girlfriend can help other civilization by posting information about the case on the ground. And also whatever happens, friend will have actually something to tell her friends as soon as it is over.

The RAC proposal you switch turn off your auto engine as soon as it becomes clear the web traffic will it is in stationary for some time, in bespeak to maintain fuel and also keep pollution to a minimum. If you should start the automobile for brief periods in order to operation the wait conditioning, charge your electronic tools at the same time, a spokesman suggests, together charging them without the engine running will drain the vehicle battery.

In too much traffic queues, such as those critical weekend about Folkestone and Dover, the RAC advises motorists and passengers to acquire out of their cars come stretch their legs native time come time, while keeping an eye out for moving vehicles.

"In doing so you need to be very conscious you room still top top a road," the spokesman says, "and that emergency vehicles can be making use of the tough shoulder or motorcyclists riding in between stationary vehicles."

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While it's crucial to continue to be hydrated over there are methods of reducing your need for a toilet break. Protect against drinking caffeine or alcohol just before and during the journey together they deserve to irritate the bladder, v the result that you must go an ext frequently.

"Drinks must ideally be stopper at consistent intervals transparent the journey," claims Dr Emma Derbyshire, that advises the natural Hydration Council. If friend gulp water quicker than your body needs it, you will should urinate an ext often.

If girlfriend do should go come the restroom while stuck in stationary traffic, your choices are limited. Males may have the ability to discreetly usage a plastic bottle. Otherwise the just option might be to check out the verge beyond the difficult shoulder, using a scarf or bath towel to protect your dignity. It might be a good idea to have actually toilet document in the glovebox... And also wet wipes or hand sanitiser because that cleaning hands.

If girlfriend have children in the back, administer books and tasks to keep them occupied. Jacqueline Barnes additionally suggests playing games such as Guess the Animal, whereby one human being thinks the a creature and also the others ask questions choose "Can it fly?" (The traditional game of ns Spy might not it is in a good success once the automobile is stationary.)

Adults can additionally head turn off children's tantrums by not obtaining agitated themselves. "Children respond an extremely quickly to stress, anxiety and also anger in the your parents so keeping calm is always better," she says. "Explain that you are sure the ferry agency will acquire them top top a boat, even if that does not leave at the time they had expected. And also focus ~ above talking around things you will do as soon as you with your location rather 보다 blaming the police, or customs. Those kinds of principles are non-productive and also negative."

Games can be played on tablet computer computers or phones, yet remember most tools have a battery life of around 10 hours.

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You're certain to feel hungry after several hours stuck top top the road, yet nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed suggests avoiding monster bags of cookies or crisps.

"Junk food can give you short bursts of energy yet it won't it is in sustained, so you may feel tired and also lacking energy fairly quickly," she says.

"Crackers and breadsticks are great options yet something prefer cheese won't taste great in a hot car. Peanut butter emboldened or diffusion are much better or marmite as they keep better in the heat.

"Nuts space my favourite glovebox snack - they space a good source that energy and are full of vitamins, minerals and also fibre. They're easy to save without lock going off. Fruit prefer apples and also bananas are great. If you can pack a bath tub of sliced watermelon, that's great for hydration too."

The organic Hydration the supervisory board advises carrying plenty of drink in the car. If girlfriend are hosted up for a lengthy time, the quantity of liquid you require steadily to add up. The european Food security Authority proposal that males should drink 4 500ml party of liquid every day, and that women should drink simply over 3 500ml (17.5 fl oz) bottles. Children aged 4 to 13 should be having actually two to three bottles.

By the measure, Dr Emma Derbyshire clues out, a family of two adults and also two kids stuck in website traffic for 14 hrs would need about eight litres (14 pints) that water or various other drinks.

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Local radio station give constant travel information. On the other hand Highways England powers an interactive live website traffic map of England. This mirrors how conveniently traffic is flow on motorways and many other significant roads. Friend can additionally follow regional council traffic accounts on Twitter. This info may also help you find an different route, if you acquire a chance to rotate off the road that is jammed.