You have the right to go with the history of television and also you’ll discover one standard TV display inspiring another. Many of the time, those pretenders to the television throne are discovered out pretty conveniently by the audience and, with low ratings, are displayed the door. Other times, however, the imitator brings enough original to the table to make it a success in its very own right. The was — and also is — certainly the case with Bewitched and also I Dream of Jeannie.

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Bewitched, i m sorry ran on alphabet from 1964-72, stars Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, who happens to be a witch (and a really old one in ~ that, despite she looks great) and also falls in love with a mortal named Darrin Stephens (Dick York, then prick Sargent). The pair marry and begin their new life together as husband and also wife, through her revealing what she is on your honeymoon. He is stunned at first, yet recognizes that she’s quiet the very same woman he fell in love with and also they move on v life together, experiencing all the craziness the the magic-filled next of the family will bring. Despite Darrin’s requirements they live prefer mortals (sorry, dude, no one’s listening).

Over at NBC, I Dream of Jeannie ran native 1965 to 1970, and also there is no concern that the catalyst for the display came indigenous Bewitched as well as the Tony Randall movie The Brass Bottle. In the show, Larry Hagman (destined to be shot years later on as J.R. Ewing on Dallas) theatre astronaut Tony Nelson, who finds his space capsule has landed top top a deserted island. Over there he find a bottle that that wipes the dust turn off of, unleashing a cloud that smoke the transforms right into Barbara Eden…or, rather, Jeannie. Freed after gift cooped up in there because that 2,000 years, she supplies herself in servitude, which that rejects when she magically arranges a rescue. Instead, he uses to set her free, but, she gets ago into her bottle and stows away in his backpack and heads house with him to Cocoa Beach, Florida. Naturally, she discover herself and also what adheres to are year of comic chaos.

No doubt you’re wondering around the shows’ similarities, and also we’re happy to carry out the answer in the kind of the adhering to (friendly) competition. Witch versus genie, angry twin versus evil twin, baby versus doggie (seriously, we ain’t kidding) and so much more.

Let the classic TV face-off begin (you just have to scroll down)!

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Who had actually a far better way of channeling she magic?

On Bewitched, Samantha had actually two methods of making magic. She would either raise she arms and also speak an incantation (which constantly rhymed favor a Dr. Seuss story), or, much more often, she would twitch she nose and also make things happen without a word. This no doubt caused numerous convulsions amongst viewers that tried to carry out the exact same with their faces! ~ above I Dream that Jeannie, Jeannie would need to fold she arms end each other and also blink.

Winner: Bewitched. Samantha might lose she arms in a dreadful accident and still do her sleep twitch come make part magic. If Jeannie shed her eight or to be wearing a yes, really tight blindfold, she couldn"t carry out nuthin". Certain the odds room slim of that happening, yet it could.


Who had the cooler job, Darrin or Tony?

Alright, this is pretty lot a no-brainer. Samantha"s husband Darrin works in advertising and as such is an influencer. The is definitely an admirable job, and the man seems prefer a nice straight-shooter. And also we yes, really respect the heck out the him as he brings integrity to any type of campaigns that he develops. Yet Jeannie"s understand Tony Nelson is a friggin" astronaut. So, require we to speak more?

Winner: I Dream that Jeannie. To quote some famous words, Tony Nelson"s a friggin" astronaut.


Who had the far better relationship?

One that the big common aspects of sitcoms, in general, is even if it is or not the leading pair will finish up together, and in the vast number of situations, when they do, the audience grows bored and also ratings start to drop. Bewitched nipped that particular creative an obstacle in the butt by filling united state in on how Samantha and Darrin met, her revelation come him the she"s a witch and also his expression of ongoing love, with focus on them life a regular life. Hah!

Over ~ above the various other side of the face-off, Tony was engaged, together we discovered in the an initial episode, but his detect Jeannie"s bottle on the beach and also bringing the (and her) house pretty much put an finish to that. In the beforehand seasons, Tony more or much less tolerated Jeannie, when she to be hopelessly devoted to him (cue the Olivia Newton-John song). Follow me the way, she continually complex his life v the use of her magic, regardless of intentions to make things easier for him. However, by the critical year (and maybe to help boost sagging ratings), that recognizes exactly how much that loves her and the 2 of them gain married. As a result, the set-up becomes that he is no longer afraid world will view Jeannie, it"s that they"ll angry her using her magic powers.

Winner: Bewitched. Looking back from today, maybe I Dream of Jeannie should have been dubbed Fifty Shades the Jeannie, considering exactly how much time the character spends calling Tony Nelson "master". Certainly not an facet of the display that has aged well. Also, Tony was type of a jerk v the way he treated her, especially beforehand on. ~ above the various other hand, the relationship in between Darrin and also Samantha had actually a much more natural ring come it, and there was no inquiry that he was madly in love through her native the beginning.


Who had the scarier woman the end to expose them?

Both series had an facet of danger around them in that in spite of the best-laid plan of husband and…uh, master, over there were exterior forces threaten to expose what to be going ~ above in each household. Because that Bewitched, it was Mrs. Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce, followed by Sandra Gould), the next-door neighbor. Despite her husband Abner"s protests, she spent long periods the time peeking with the blinds of she windows, make the efforts to record evidence the strange walk ons in the Stephens household. V Jeannie, it was Amanda Bellows (Emmaline Henry), who was hellbent on discovering the tricks of Tony Nelson. While her husband, NASA psychiatrist Dr. Alfred Bellows (Hayden Rorke) was trying to execute the same thing, his efforts were played v much more buffoonery.

Winner: I Dream that Jeannie. Look, Mrs. Kravitz can be dismissed as a not authorised kook, and, worse case scenario, Samantha could have rotate her right into a squirrel or something. But with Amanda Bellows, there was a specific madness over there in her obsession, and also you acquired the sense that if she ever uncovered out about Jeannie, she could be a real problem.


Who had to deal with the most meddling boss?

While Tony Nelson had actually a variety of superiors that he essential to answer to at NASA, probably the biggest "foe" he faced was residents psychiatrist Dr. Alfred Bellows (Hayden Rorke). Bellows knew there was something off around Tony, however every time among his look at outlandish theories to be disproved, he went ago to company as usual until the next time (and there was constantly a next time). Meanwhile, ~ above Bewitched, Darrin"s boss at the advertising company was Larry Tate (David White), and while Larry was pretty clueless about Darrin"s magical exclusive life, we did get a taste the what would happen if he uncovered out. In some type of time-shift storyline, that witnesses Samantha"s use of magic and also his an initial response to Darrin is, "With that kind of power, we could take end the world….I"ve want to take over the world because I to be a little kid." Uh, pretty to have goals, Larry.

Winner: I Dream the Jeannie take away the prize, mostly because we only gained to view Larry"s dark impulses the one time. Plus, Alfred is married come Amanda, and that mrs is prefer a bloodhound.

Who had actually the more iconic evil twin?

Anybody who still believes the there wasn"t a healthy dose that "influence" coming from Bewitched to I Dream that Jeannie requirements to watch no more than the development of the "evil" twins because that both shows. In 1966, Elizabeth Montgomery donned a dark wig and also became Samantha"s cousin, Serena. In 1967, Barbara Eden donned a dark wig and also became Jeannie"s sister, also named Jeannie (apparently that"s the name provided to every female genies). What"s amazing is the differences between the two. Serena come across much more like a spoiled teenager, quick to develop chaos, happy to dance in go-go boots and also the psychedelic apparel of the era. It"s an opportunity for Elizabeth Montgomery come just have actually a little fun. But, on I Dream of Jeannie, Jeannie 2 (for lack of a far better name) is everything that our Jeannie isn"t: conniving, filled with a dark streak, and also intent on getting her hands on Tony Nelson to display him that is yes, really the "master". Exciting stuff.

Winner: I Dream that Jeannie. Damn! What is it about those dark, twisted ladies that do them so appealing….Oh, wait, walk we write that out loud?

Who had actually the more beloved addition to their family, a magic baby or a magic dog?

Undoubtedly we"re going come hear around it because that comparing a baby to a dog, but with these shows we have actually no choice. Part of Bewitched"s journey was mirroring the advancement of a marriage, though admittedly in a comic setting. Nonetheless, we saw the early on married days of Darrin and Samantha, battles with the in-laws and also relatives (please speak you psychic Paul Lynde"s Uncle Arthur), and so on. Having a baby was the next organic step, and also they functioned that in unique to the show, causing Tabitha, complying with a couple of seasons later by Adam. Needless come say, she"s a witch and he"s a warlock.

No kiddies because that Jeannie and Tony, yet her old dog, Djin Djin, did display up, and lots of chaos ensued as result of the truth that he"s a magical dog who can make self invisible. This in reality comes in handy when Mrs. Bellows (her again!) shows up in one episode to pick things up because that a charity auction and thinks that the dog is a stray, for this reason she through it. Deciding to lug it to NASA (for some reason), Djin Djin i do not care invisible and starts attacking anyone in uniform. Transforms out the mutt to be terrorized by security 2,000 year earlier and now hates all uniforms.

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Winner: Bewitched. Dogs are fun, but because of Djin Djin"s temperament we"ll go through the kid. At some point the character of Tabitha got her own spin-off collection in 1976, v Lisa Hartman in the title role.