We are having sauteed chicken gizzards today on the menu. Please do not turn your head and make that face. This recipe is really delicious, on top of all, even my kids love them.

What? Your kids eat sauteed chicken gizzards!!!

Why, yes, yes they do! Hearts, gizzards, liver. When I was young, whole packs of gizzards were unavailableto me at least I do not remember.

You had one chicken for lunch and mostly all the chicken insides were slow-cooked in the large pot for soup, even chicken feet.

I mean that is a really rich, flavorful soup thatyou would ever taste, but you had only one liver and one gizzard and so on… That could not satisfyme.


When I came to the US, wholepackagesofgizzardwere like a shock to me… not that I amcomplaining!