When life offers you lemons… do lemonade! just like the saying goes, use up those lemons prior to they walk bad.

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Lemons can last a while depending upon how you save them yet knowing how to tell if a lemon is negative is good to understand so the you execute not obtain sick.

You want to look for blemishes ~ above the outside, white mold, mushy or shriveled are all indicators of a negative lemon.


Knowing how to tell if a lemon is bad is easy. If lemons have actually brown clues on lock or feel mushy then they room bad. Or if they space oozing or growing white mold on them your lemons have gone bad.

Ways come tell if lemons space bad

There room so many different means to use lemons. They space so flexible that they have the right to be provided in a savory dish, sweet treat, beverages and also more.

If friend went out and bought a totality bag of lock you might be wondering just how you will understand when they have gone negative or spoiled. Right here are a couple of easy tell tale indications that will certainly tell girlfriend if castle are without doubt spoiled or not.

1. Exactly how the lemon looks

Look over your lemons as soon as you purchase them and also before you use them. You want to make sure that lock don’t have brown mushy spots, white mold top top the rind or shriveled looking.

A new lemon should have a smooth shining rind v a quite bright yellow color. Small blemishes are ok as long as they haven’t cut into the rind.

2. Exactly how it feels

If you notification that your lemon is mushy or has actually soft brown point out on it climate you should throw castle away. Generally lemons space heavier than they watch for their size and have a smooth rind.

You desire your lemon to it is in firm no soft when you space checking if her lemons are poor or not. This is a great way of check lemons when you room buying them.

3. Just how the lemon smells

Before you cut into a lemon there shouldn’t be much of a smell if your lemons are fresh. If you smell a moldy or fermented smell then the is a an excellent indicator the your lemons have actually gone bad.

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Once you cut into them if you smell a much more vinegary odor then you have to throw castle away.

How lengthy lemons can last before they go bad

Room TemperatureRefrigerator
Fresh lemons1 month2 months
Cut lemons1-3 hours2-3 days
Fresh lemon juice1-3 hours2-3 days
Bottled lemon juice1 hour4-6 months