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As an avid cigar smoker, we all come up with various methods and also routines that work best for us before beginning our cigarette smoking session and also throughout it, and there are a couple of things we learn alengthy the method. Everyone’s techniques and also routines are different, based on your own preference or there have the right to be some similarities. Thus, to additionally attach with you and also carry out you via resources and details around cigars, I’ve developed these weekly cigar tips for you to use.

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What’s all this mumbo jumbo around dipping your cigar into your whiskey?

The principle of dipping your cigar into your whiscrucial started via Winston Churchill, that desired his cigar dipped in Brandy.


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This is done by putting around an inch high of whiskey into a cup. You’ll cut your cigar and also dip the cut side into the bottom of the glass that you poured the whiscrucial into, soaking the cigar in the whiscrucial. You could want to give it a few great twists to totally pass through the cigar, remove the cigar from the glass and also light the foot of the cigar, as normal, and also reap.

Sounds basic enough! No injury, no foul, so what’s the fuss?

Well, even though this is a cool and clever before trick and regularly done in the culture. However before, it’s additionally insulting the cigar equipments, who spend years perfecting the flavor profile of that individual stick. Overall, if you don’t choose the cigar that you are smoking cigarettes, then don’t smoke it and pick an additional one. If you like an infused cigar that will certainly come currently prepared and flavored, which will come in options from Brandy, Whiskies, Cognac, Coffee, Honey, Chocolate, and so on.…, then you should purchase among those, yet never before simply reduced the head of your cigar and dip it right into whisky for the sake of it.

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Keep it Smoessential, My Friends!!!!!!!

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