Fan letter is Tumblr"s identical of a private blog post system. The is constantly available, even if the owner the the blog come which you"re sending the message has deactivated the "ask a question" attribute for it. Unlike questioning a question, girlfriend can"t send pan mail anonymously -- a article sent through this system is constantly tagged v the username of one of your blogs, although girlfriend do have the alternative to choose which one you use. Furthermore, the system has actually restrictions in ar that stop you from sending out a blog post through it uneven you satisfy two certain criteria.You space watching: exactly how to send fan mail tumblr

Follow the blog to which you desire to send the message. Return a Send pan Mail link shows up on the details pop-up even for blogs you don"t follow, you will obtain an error blog post if you actually shot to send pan mail come those blogs.

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Wait for 2 days. Due to the fact that the device is design to stop spam, simply adhering to a blog isn"t enough. If girlfriend haven"t been following the blog come which you desire to send pan mail because that a minimum of 48 hours, you"ll get an error message.

Open the main page of the blog to which you want to send pan mail while logged in to her Tumblr account. If you"re adhering to that blog and you"ve waited the requisite 48 hours, you"ll check out an envelope icon next to the Unfollow and Dashboard buttons; click that symbol to open the pan mail screen.See more: exactly how To shave A Matted Rabbit, exactly how To cut An Angora Rabbit


The restrictions only use when sending fan letter messages, not once responding to them. When you"ve sent a fan mail blog post to somebody, she"ll have the ability to respond even if she"s not following your blog or has actually been following it for much less than 48 hours. As of December 2013, pan mail can"t it is in deactivated the way the "ask a question" attribute can. As soon as using the feature, think about that some blog owners might prefer not to it is in contacted by fan mail. If that"s the case, over there will normally be a message stating precisely that ~ above the blog. If you view such a message, respect the blog owner"s wishes rather of sending out unwanted fan mail.

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