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Marriage Proposal present in Japanese

結婚してください。Kekkon shite kudasai.

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Will girlfriend marry me?
これからもずっと一生一緒にいてください。Korekara mo zutto isshou issho ni ite kudasai.Please spend the rest of your life v me.
死ぬまで一緒にいて欲しいんだ。Shinu made issho ni ite hoshiin’da.I want to be v you until the day i die.
あなたは俺の一番大切な人です、これからも一生守っていきます。Anata wa ore no ichiban taisetsu-na hito desu, korekara mo isshou mamotte ikimasu.You are the most special person in my life. I will certainly take care of you because that as long as i live.
僕から、この指輪を受け取ってくれませんか?結婚してください。Boku kara, kono yubiwa wo uketotte kuremasen ka? Kekkon shite kudasai.Will you take this ring indigenous me? will you marry me?
これからの人生を、僕と共に歩んでくれますか?Korekara no jinsei wo, boku to tomo ni ayunde kuremasu ka?Would friend walk in addition to me under the route of life?
白髪混じりのおじいちゃんになっても、僕のそばにいてくれますか?Shiraga majiri no ojii-chan ni natte mo, boku no soba ni ite kuremasu ka?Would you stay by mine side also when i’m a graying old man?
笑顔があふれる幸せな家庭を僕と一緒に築いてくださいEgao ga afureru shiawase-na katei wo boku come issho ni kizuite kudasai.Let’s develop a household of joyful smiles together.
俺についてきて欲しい。お前を一生幸せにしてやる。Ore ni tsuite dragon hoshii. Omae wo isshou shiawase ni shite yaru.I desire you to follow me. I’ll show you a life time of happiness.
愛しています。結婚してくれますか?Aishite imasu. Kekkon shite kuresmasu ka?I love you. Would you marry me?

The right Time and Place come Propose

So, did you do it met the girl of her dreams. She’s smart, beautiful, funny…and Japanese! Cross-cultural marriages are commonplace in our modern globalized society, but one hurdle that continues to be in place is…you guessed it…cultural differences!

When you think the a marriage proposal, those the an initial image that pops right into your mind? If you’re prefer most people from western countries, you’ll think that a man and also a woman dressed come the nines in ~ a sophisticated restaurant. The man gets increase from his chair, goes to the woman, and gets down on one knee in front of her. The whole restaurant falls silent and turns to see what is going on. The male takes a ring out of his pocket, slips it onto the woman’s finger, and says, “Will friend marry me?” The woman takes a deep breath, looks right into his eyes, and says, “Yes!” The group cheers, and everyone drink a glass of champagne.

This sort of grand public gesture was certainly not the norm amongst common world in the olden job of Japan. Proposing in prior of a huge group of world like the goes versus the humble nature of the Japanese. And, plus, what if she says no? just how would friend save challenge from something like that? Japanese guys tended to discuss getting married with their girlfriends very first in stimulate to uncover out if she was even interested. If she was, then they can move on to the following step of the proposing. However, the proposal in chin was lot less direct than simply asking, “Will friend marry me?” that was much more along the lines of this famous go-to phrase:

僕のために毎朝味噌汁を作ってくれませんか?Boku no tame ni mai asa miso-shiru wo tsukutte kuremasen ka?Would you make miso soup for me every morning?Sounds like they wanted a live-in chef much more than a wife! it is in that together it may, this expression was claimed to imply that the male wanted to wake up up in the same house as the mrs every morning…and by the he expected he wanted to obtain married.

This was likewise a common method of suggest marriage: 

あなたに、僕と一緒のお墓に入ってほしいです Anata ni, boku to issho ni o-haka ni haitte hoshii desu. I’m I want to be hidden with you in the same grave.No, this is no a quote native the Addams Family. It was an alleged to imply that in order to be buried in the exact same grave they’d need to be family members first.

In various other words he wanted to marry her.

Times have actually changed, however. These days it’s not unusual for a Japanese guy to suggest to the mrs he desires to marry in the same method men in the west do. The culture isn’t together rigid together it as soon as was, and also the woman could actually prefer that her western friend propose to her prefer in a Julia Roberts movie.

So, when is the best time and place come propose? Well, one tradition that hasn’t readjusted much is the prominence of including the family in the decision. It’s a great idea to fulfill her parents before proposing and asking your permission. As soon as you acquire their approval, the skies is the limit! display her just how special she is in her life. Write her a song on the guitar, and also propose in the park. Obtain a pretty table in ~ a an intricate restaurant and also hide a ring in the dessert. Just don’t forget to obtain down on the knee prior to you pop the question!

Japanese Proposal Lines

The key phrase below is 結婚してください (Kekkon shite kudasai, please marry me). A an ext formal way of speak it would be 結婚してくれませんか? (Kekkon shite kuremasen ka?, Would friend marry me?) This is your go-to phrase if you’re in ~ the restaurant, on her knee in front of everyone, and also you forget her line. At the very least by saying, “Kekkon shite kudasai” anyone will recognize what you doing.

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Now the you know just how to suggest to your Japanese girlfriend, the time to gain out there and do it! And, for any kind of women reading this, look because that these phrases if your Japanese boyfriend pops the concern to you.

Good luck!

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