How come Reset her Jeep ECM

The Jeep Engine control Module, recognized as the PCM ( Powertrain regulate Module) ECU ( Electrical manage Unit ) or to just it put the Automotive Engine computer system . Confuse right? If you would prefer to know much more about their distinctions you can read up on ours previous short article ” Difference between ECM, ECU & PCM ” i beg your pardon we covered it in details. Here is a little summary of that , the ECM is the mind of the vehicle and just like everything else you’re walk to need to reset it and test it come make sure it’s in a good working condition. Come reset her Jeep ECM you’re going to have to follow a pair of basic steps and you’ll be done before you even know it.

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The handy perform : 

Time essential : approximately 30 minutesGlovesTimer Back up power resource ( just in instance you have actually an old battery )

Warning : execute not allow your battery terminals to bridge. Make sure that the terminals room safely inserted aside and not poignant anything. 

 Instructions on exactly how to reset her Jeep ECM

1- Make certain that whatever is set to off. I.E( Headlights,Radio,AC/Heat, If you have actually a sunroof make sure that it is likewise shut)


2- Disconnect the negative terminal native the battery using a wrench or a socket the fits, you must leave the unplugged for approximately 5-10 minutes.

3- when the time has actually passed you need to now revolve the headlights “on” and “off” double to drain the Engine control Module from any kind of remaining power.

4- currently plug earlier in the an unfavorable terminal and your Jeep ECM have to now it is in reset.


To finish off this post , right here are a couple of points you must keep in mind. Resetting your Jeep ECM will not have any kind of effect on your vehicle’s mileage, Resetting it need to not cause any issues in between your other module so feel cost-free to this as many time together you want if you’re trying to diagnose a trouble with her car.

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For an excellent measure. Anytime that you reset her Jeep PCM you have to keep in mind that you will should drive your vehicle for roughly 10-15 miles so her Jeep ECM deserve to re-learn her driving habits and fuel management.

Good luck through your reset and also be sure to re-publishing this v anyone that could be in need of it!