CJ conveniently reunites through the Grove Street Families and joins them in their attempt to claim new territory when he return to the roadways of Los Santos in ~ the begin of cool Theft Auto: mountain Andreas’ campaign. As the protagonist rises v the ranks of the green-clad street gang, the quickly establishes the capacity to recruit corridor members to sign up with him.

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These followers deserve to be advantageous if you’re beginning a gang Warfare occasion or obtaining into a particularly an overwhelming firefight, so here’s exactly how to recruit corridor members because that those in require of assistance. This guide consists of an update for the Xbox, PC, and also PS5 execution of GTA: The Trilogy – critical Edition.

How come Recruit gang Members

You must very first locate a member that the Grove Street family members patrolling the street in order to recruit an ally. Because the street gang is all dressed in green, they’ll be simple to spot. Lock on come a potential recruit once you’ve found them. Now, use the D-pad or the G an essential to invite lock to sign up with your party. If the recruitment goes well, they’ll warmth up come CJ and start adhering to him.

Following your recruitment, gang members will go after you and also fire at any enemies who attempt to assault you. They’ll also get right into cars with CJ and do drive-bys on hostiles in the area. You have the right to order her followers using two commands: follow (up on the D-pad / G key) and also stop (down ~ above the D-pad / H key).

CJ’s party will disband if he move too much away native them, so make sure every one of your followers are in a vehicle before leaving because that your next location.

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Respect and also Larger Parties

It’s precious noting that CJ won’t be able to instantly recruit a large number of corridor members. You’ll only be able to recruit 2 supporters at a time in ~ the start of the game. You’ll need to rise your Respect stat to increase the number of followers CJ can include to his group. Girlfriend can carry a full of 7 followers through you on your adventures if your respect stat is high enough, allowing you to recruitment a tiny army that Grove Street allies.

Respect deserve to be obtained in a selection of ways, consisting of main missions and also killing rival corridor members. Enhancing your Respect level by gaining brand-new territory for the Grove Street families through Gang war events. The corridor Warfare attribute is unlocked close to the finish of the game’s very first Los Santos section, and it is presented by Sweet’s mission ‘Doberman.’