Saliva Alcohol trial and error Strips

Need come buy one alcohol test? our Alcohol Saliva Test strip is a rapid, sensitive method to detect the existence of alcohol in saliva. These check strips have actually a swab in ~ the tip that as soon as saturated through saliva will administer a numeric approximation of loved one blood alcohol level.

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Why test Alcohol in Saliva ?

The salivary glands produce saliva which is fantastic vehicle to detect Ethanol from drinking difficult liquor, wine or beer. It is well developed that the concentration the alcohol in saliva is very close to that of the blood, make saliva the desired specimen for alcohol testing. This allows for greater detection sensitivity than the breathalyzer trial and error method. This alcohol test piece is a very basic 2 minute check requiring no instrumentation, calibration or one-of-a-kind training to be provided effectively. It is convenient sufficient to it is in used any time, any type of place.

Sensitivity the the Saliva Alcohol Test

The saliva alcohol check approximates the blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The scale being tested varieties from 0.0 mg/100 ml which is a negative result up to 300 mg/100 ml, i m sorry is .30% (Nearly 4 times the legal border in the USA).

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Saliva Alcohol test Strips


Saliva Alcohol test Kit Procedure

Do not location anything in mouth because that 15 minutes before taking test. Saturate pad finish of the alcohol test piece stick with saliva (from mouth or cup). After finish saturation the pad remove stick indigenous mouth and also read at the finish of 2 minutes. To compare reactive pad to color blocks ~ above the individual test package. Interpretation:Negative - No color adjust on reactive padPositive - Reactive pad transforms color in 2 minute