Journal and also Maps display screen

You directly accessibility this display by pressing .


Ol" Fromir (not a lick of usual sense) is thinking about popping with an Oblivion Gate outside the royal City ("don"t open that closet, McGee!"). At the very least he"s checking points out prior to he walk it, though.

At the top of the screen, you"ll always be maybe to acquire your current location, date and also time. If you"re simply interested in that information, hit , instead, to lug up through Wait menu. The loads much faster than the Journal, although you won"t have access to the remainder of the information obtainable through this screen. Keep in mind that you cannot "Wait" if you space tresspassing, for this reason is the only method to examine the time in that instance.

The five tabs at the bottom:

The at this time selected tab: regional View. This shows you things that are about you and also is particularly useful in inner settings because that finding things favor the nearest exit. If you have actually an active quest (Fromir doesn"t), you"ll additionally see a red marker (or a environment-friendly one if the thing is in your existing area) showing the place of the next object in your existing quest. The red tab: human being View. This shows you the whole overland map with the markers for all locations that you have actually either had actually placed or uncovered on her own. Not all markers on the overland map have the right to be supplied for fast-travel, though. You need to have physically been at the place in order to fast-travel come it. The exception to this space the significant towns, which space on your map at the begin of the game, and also some markers put by quests. If you really don"t feel choose hoofing that overland to obtain to a certain location, you can cheat. Open up the console (the ~ key) and form "tmm" (for toggle map markers) and also it will ar all easily accessible map mite on your map. If you have actually an energetic quest, you"ll view a red mite at the ar that you must go to next (or a eco-friendly marker if the target is outdoors). After you space done you can open the console again and form "tmm" to revolve the markers off again. The blue tab: your currently energetic quest. If you have no energetic quest, the tab will only present your existing location, date and time. If you have an energetic quest, you"ll see details related to that quest; much more particularly the things that you have discovered around that quest (who you have actually talked to, what castle said, what you should do next, etc.). In most cases, her journal will certainly provide much more information than you obtain from the conversations themselves. The info is i ordered it in chronological order with the most recent information at the top. The yellow tab: all active quests, yet the same kinds of details that you would get on the active quests tab. Selecting a search on this tab renders it the energetic quest, so friend can readjust quests quite easily. The info is i ordered it from many recent to oldest rather 보다 by quest. The green tab: completed quests. Good if friend went somewhere or speak to someone and forgot what they told you.

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Otherwise you most likely won"t usage this at all.