Learn about how the scientific research of paper poppers can be provided in the classroom with this engaging, standards-based STEM Challenge. Plus download a cost-free guide to produce your own paper popper to shot folding and creating her own!


Students will check out the nature of pitch, volume, and also timbre as they watch the assorted poppers they and also their classmates create.

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Get the document Popper STEM an obstacle Here

I choose to provide students voice and choice once completing a STEM Challenge. In this case, college student will pick the record type and the an approach of folding. They also pick which elevation variable come test and how to best control the other variables.

There are 3 main paper popper urgent methods. I developed step by action visual diagrams for creating each. Students often tend to build a preference for one type.

To offer students more really practice through the clinical method, they may need to readjust their experiment if their record popper set up does no work. This will specifically be true if they use an extremely thick cardstock or really thin tissue paper.

The record Popper STEM difficulty is self paced. Students work through the actions on their very own or in little teams. Once they have actually gathered their data, the whole course comes together to share the outcomes of each experiment. I consisted of questions to assist students draw conclusions and also reflect on their discovering too, crucial process in STEM and also the scientific method.

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Extending the Learning

Teachers can extend the lesson by allowing students to take what castle learned to style a brand-new “ideal” document popper. Lock can also use YouTube to watch tutorials for various other folding methods and tips.

If college student have access to iPads, i recommend filming and also then making use of iMovie to slow the video down. That method they deserve to see the inner flap popping out which is the component where the sound generates!

I additionally included a reading passage (and vocabulary list) with the science behind document poppers that defines exactly what is causing the according to sound.

Students could use this info to develop a demo video on Flipgrid or a Google on slide presentation reflecting the paper popper in motion and then explaining what is continue at every stage.

Try It! Download a Free document Popper How-to

Grab a one web page sample from the paper Popper STEM for totally free to fold your own record popper. This is a sample diagram of one of the three methods consisted of in the lab. Monitor the direction to fold her own paper popper to view what the fuss is all about!

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