I got interested in making trimmed armor. I have the right to make rune equipment in RS3, and want to make myself look more much better looking or probably sell it. Ns don't know exactly how to do trimmed armor?

Any advice on how?


So, there space two kinds of trimmed armor currently in the game.

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The first is metal trimmed armor, which is a reward native treasure trail clue scrolls. These incorporate black trimmed and also black gold trimmed armor, adamant trimmed and also adamant gold trimmed armor, rune trimmed and rune yellow trimmed armor, rune trimmed armor in the god color (saradomin, zamorak, guthix, zaros, armadyl, bandos,) and a few more set I'm more than likely forgetting. This armors space ONLY easily accessible through clue scrolls and also cannot be crafted through smithing.

The second is Trimmed Masterwork armor, or TMW. TMW armor is make by:

First crafting a full set of elder rune +5 armor, requiring 99 smithing. Doing this unlocks the capability to make Masterwork armor.

Creating 600 focused alloy bars. Each focused alloy bar 1 the every standard steel bar. The total variety of ore to do this is 600 the copper, tin, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, orichalcite, drakolith, necrite, phasmatite, irradiate animica, and also dark animica, 1200 runite, coal, and banite, and also 1800 luminite.

These 600 focused alloy bars are more smelted into 120 enriched alloy bars.

These 120 enriched alloy bars are additional smelted into 12 immaculate alloy bars.

Each of this immaculate alloy bars need to be urgently 1001 times at one anvil to do 12 glorious bars. Each folding bring away a hammer swing. That's 12,012 hammer swings for the lot.

The 12 glorious bars are then supplied to do 12 masterwork plates.

The 12 masterwork key are supplied to make curved masterwork plates.

The 12 curved masterwork bowl are used to make 12 untempered masterwork plates.

The 12 untempered masterwork bowl are offered to do 12 masterwork armor pieces.

The 12 masterwork armor pieces are linked with masterwork rivets (made from steel bars) to develop Masterwork armor. Masterwork armor is a t90 strength armor v the precise same stats as malevolent armor, however with strength armor gloves and also boots part of the set, i m sorry malevolent lacks.

Malevolent armor deserve to be broken down at the dragonkin build unlocked after ~ the "Ritual the the Mahjarrat" quest right into malevolent essences. The platebody breaks down into 6 pieces, the foot 4, the helm 2. Girlfriend will require 12 malevolent essences.

Torva armor deserve to be damaged down in ~ the dragonkin create unlocked after ~ the "Ritual the the Mahjarrat" quest right into praesulic essences. The platebody breaks down right into 6 pieces, the foot 4, the helm 2, and also the gloves and also boots 1 each. You will require 12 praesulic essences.

Combine the 12 malevolent and praesulic essences with 12 gold sheet to produce 12 masterwork trim.

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Combine the 12 masterwork trim with a full set of non-degraded masterwork armor to create a set of Trimmed Masterwork armor. TMW armor is t92 strength armor with a collection effect that makes it extremely complicated for friend to be 1-shot by bosses, do the armor incredibly advantageous for bossing and also elite dungeons.