Meet mine newfavorite healthy summer dessert! A Strawberry Slushie!! A healthy delicious, 3-ingredient alternative to ice cream- made through fresh strawberries,maple syrup,(or honey) a squeeze out of citrus and ice! low in fat and also calories, high in antioxidants. Make this in 5 minutes, utilizing your blender! therefore easy and refreshing.

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Just five minutes that time offers you the most refreshing, nutrient-dense frosty glass the goodness! A healthier alternative to ice cream cream, perfect for the warm summer months!

Ingredients in a strawberry slushie:

Made with simply 3 ingredients and also ice:

fresh sweet strawberriesa squeeze out of lime, orange or lemon

I can’t tell friend whata godsend they’ve become in this house! A healthy, refreshing, totally satisfying, dessert, short in sugar, calories and fat, perfect for hot summer evenings!


How to do a strawberry slushie

Add ice cream a small at a time, until thick and also frosty!Taste, readjust sweetness to her liking!

When strawberries room in season, there is not much you can add to them to make them taste any type of better. They space perfect simply as castle are. Sweet, juicy and also slightly tart, they also have such a delicious fragrance. Locally grown strawberries are constantly the best, choose at their height of flavor, tender-skinned and dripping v flavor. You will know them by their red cores.


If you space vegan, swap the end maple syrup for the honey.

I prefer the taste of love husband paired v the strawberries and with allergy season top top us, any type of excuse to incorporate raw local honey right into what I’m make is constantly a plus.

The sweeter the strawberries, the less honey girlfriend will require in the slushie. For this reason taste and adjust.


Of course, otherberries will certainly work here too,as well as ripe stone fruits favor peaches and also nectarines.

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How this recipe came to be:

Last night after dinner, Brian and I walk on a cycle ride. It constantly feels good to move a small after us eat. Here,the sunlight waits till nearly 9pm to collection and in June, the waiting is drenchedwith the scent of linden flowers. Have you captured a whiff of lock yet? Glorious!

Getting external just prior to sunset is the ideal time to suffer this deliciousaroma and for me, it has end up being aromatherapy truly, for the odor is calming and soothing, reduce both stress and also blood pressure, helping with digestion and also they say, eveninsomnia. It is believed that pets are calmed and also soothed by the sent as well, therefore be certain to takeyour dog v you as soon as you go.

Peddling home, Brian retained talking around all the sweet treats he wanted for dessert. The was kind of torturing me since I was yes, really trying come notthink that them.Have I ever before told you just how much of a sweet tooth he has? It’s a great thing he’s normally slim, because what the puts under some nights is baffling. Ns won’t get in the nitty-gritty, however he walk love his sweets, especially ice-cream. The trouble iswhen the eats ice cream cream, my spoon likes to travel over to his bowl.