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This year my family members dressed up as the teenager Titans because that Halloween. Us went with the style from teen Titans Go quite than the original since it to be a little an ext light and also simple. I was in charge of the vast majority of all the costumes. It was a many work and a race against time to acquire it all together yet it acquired done in time.

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My earliest son Zander went as Robin. This costume is pretty basic except the blasted boots.


I"m pretty sure you deserve to just to buy a shirt that has actually Robin"s style on it, yet I do his.

I provided a white sleeveless shirt and also dyed it red.

Then I complimentary handed the design and painted that in through puff paint.

For the environment-friendly sleeves, we dyed a plain white T-shirt green and he wore the under the red one.

Same with the gloves. Ns bought a pair the white gloves and dyed lock green. I think lock were actually princess gloves. They to be the only ones I could find that were long.


I had actually a really hard time finding a cape cheap. I discovered a plain black one with a hood on wish for about $4.

Robin"s cape is yellow top top the inside. At very first I make the efforts to paint that side of the cape through yellow cloth spray paint. Yea..... That was a failure. Then I had to to wash it and also I think I even soaked the in black dye to obtain the bits that yellow out.

I ended up buying yellow fabric and sewing it in on. It was a pains to heat up but it turned the end workable.


You can acquire a big sheet the foam in ~ the craft keep for less than a dollar. Ns traced a bottle to acquire the circle and found a smaller circle to trace for the inside circle. I cost-free handed the rest with the assist of a ruler.

Draw it with the circle centered on the foam and extend the sides all the way to the leaf of the foam.

Cut that out.

Use it to mark one more strip the the same width and cut it the end too.

Use super glue to adhesive one end of every strip with each other to make one lengthy strip.

Wrap it approximately the wearer and mark it, leaving about an customs or therefore overlap.

Cut off excess.

use sticky earlier velcro come attach. **The velcro doesn"t stay very well ~ above the foam. You can sew it to a strip of nylon webbing and then glue the on the foam to help

I recommend out lining the belt through sharpie. It makes it pop and looks much better.

likewise be gentle v the belt, its pretty simple to rip whereby the one meets the sides. Both my boys damaged theirs.

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Step 4: trends for the Boots


The boots have 3 foam pieces. I offered anti tiredness floor carpet from harbor Freight. They were on sale because that $10 for a ago of 4. I offered Super glue to adhere my piece together however the seams room horrible through this stuff. I learned native some an excellent youtube videos that you need to use Barg"s contact cement, however it was quite expensive and also not marketed locally. I didn"t have time come order and wait because that the shipping.

A piece that wraps every the method around the shoe

just a strip about 2 inches broad or so.

A item that serves as the toe/top of the boot

I had made a Packaging ice model and pattern for the shoes of our Cyborg costume. The form was pretty much the very same as what I essential for Robin"s toe/top item so I supplied that pattern and also just reduced it under a bit. Unfortunately, i cannot discover my pattern. The isn"t with the remainder of them. If ns ever find it, ns will add it here.

A item that adds information to the former of the boot.

I free handed the pattern because that this piece. This is the photo shown here.

For good tutorials and also information on working v foam, watch videos top top the Punished Props Channel and also the angry Ted blacksmith Channel

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Step 5: piece 1


This is the one I shed the pattern for.

Basically, i took his shoe and collected the toe and top area of the shoe through balled increase tin foil (on top of the shoe) and also masking tape until I obtained the shape I wanted.

Then cover that in seran wrap.

Then cover that in strips of tape. I supplied duck tape.

When you have the thing spanned in tape draw a line under the facility with a sharpie. Then do registrations marks. This is just several quick lines v the center line the will aid you line it increase later.

Find the high suggest and attract a line from the bottom the the shape to the high point. Add registration marks. I had 2 of this on mine.

You only must worry around doing this for one fifty percent of the shape. It is symmetrical so us will simply use one half of the pattern.

Once you have this, carefully cut the pattern turn off the form. Cut on the lines girlfriend made and also cut the registrations lines out. Cut them around the broad of the sharpie line.

Lay out the pattern flat and trace it on a piece of poster board.

Cut the out and dont forget to cut the registration lines. Brand one side A and also the other B

Trace the pattern on the foam. Flip it and also trace the various other side on the foam. Perform this twice. You should have 2 As and also 2 Bs. Your mom would it is in proud. :p

Cut the foam piece out. Carry out NOT cut the registrations present this time.

Use a warm gun to warmth up the foam and then bending it to gain a curve.

Starting with one piece, closely align the it is registered marks and glue.

When each piece has actually been shaped and the cuts glued, the time to placed them together.

Align and also glue a part A come a part B. Repeat with the various other set.

To gain the small turn under at the peak of the form, rotate it over to view the underside. Attract an arch. Reduced a wedge out on the line you drew. Reduced one side of the line at one angle and also then in ~ the opposite angle on the various other side that the line. This will make a triangle wedge you can remove. Eliminate the wedge. Put glue in the crevice and press together. This will certainly make the foam edge down prefer in the photos.

For clarification and also visuals and also much far better explanations watch this awesome video clip I watched to assist me(the 2nd half):


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Step 7: Assemble

I bought part black fabric at Joann"s

This is part is the hardest and most frustrating.

I used straight pins to pin the fabric along the foam on the within of the boot to make certain I have actually enough.

Then cut off the excess at the overlap

Then reduced the height down to the dimension I needed.

Unpin it and also sew the political parties to do a tube.

Now summon up all of your patience come pin that sucker earlier on. It is a supervisor pain!

To connect it, i tried number of things and also they all come undone in places as it to be used.

First i tried super glue. The glue goes through the fabric and gets your hands, for this reason the cloth sticks to you instead of the foam. I usage a piece of plastic to press the fabric down.

This wasn"t sufficient to host it so I included staples. At very first I simply put one line of staples. Not enough. So I spanned that chaos in staples. As I said, it still managed to come loose. It made it through the season, yet a better solution is essential if we ever setup to execute this again.

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Step 9: adjustable Top

Now we need the peak of the boots to stay put on the leg. It slides down easily.

To resolve this ns sewed a channel because that elastic.

First put the boots on the wearer and gather in all the excess cloth to hug the calf. Over there is alot the extra. Pin it and take the off.

Fold over the height like you execute to roll your sleeve.

Run elastic under the wrinkles over. And also pin the bottom that the fold to keep the elastic native slipping out.

When friend get back around, reduced a slit in the cloth on the inside to traction the finish of the elastic through. Do it so about an inch of elastic rod through. Reduced off any type of excess.

Sew the channel closed. Be careful not to sew through the elastic.

Sew a switch a little ways native the elastic difficult through(see photos). Again be careful not to sew with the elastic.

Cut small horizontal slits in the elastic similar to the elastic in flexible shorts they make for kids. This when you big the elastic out, the slit will certainly stretch bigger and also you have the right to put the button through. This will tighten the boot.

***NOTE*** Zander had a really hard time walking v these. Lock didn"t continue to be down roughly his shoe like I assumed they would. I added straps across the bottom through super glue and staples to help keep castle on.

This failed. The straps came undone quickly.

So i traced the bottom of the boots on foam and also cut that out and glued the foam come the bottom that the boot, do is totally enclosed. I assumed he could just stay them as shoes and not supplied his pair of shoes in them.

That didn"t work either. This make the boots method to big since they were made approximately his shoes. The couldn"t walk in them really well.

So i stretched open up the elastic in ~ the top and shoved his shoe inside. He then placed his foot in the shoe within the boot. This operated the best. It lasted the longest, however still ended up breaking. The bottoms started to come undone.

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I would recommend to use an old pair of throw away shoes and also attach the boot develop directly to the shoe.