You’ve probably heard the Roblox through now, what with how rapidly the platform has grown. As one of the biggest online gaming servers, Roblox’s ar is widespread. Present players number in the millions, with new users authorized every main (if no every day).

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What’s more, Roblox specifically urges social interaction. One of its ideal selling clues is the Roblox gamings are do by players, for players. Users can develop their own games using the company’s video game engine (for free!) and also subsequently publish them because that their fellow Roblox football player to enjoy.

This video game engine is a platform well-known as Roblox Studio, and there space very couple of programs – if any kind of – that can complement its power, versatility, and also ease of use.

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Table the Contents

What is Roblox Studio?How perform You acquire Roblox Studio?What manuscript Does Roblox Studio Use?What’s so Special about Roblox Studio?Things to Know before You begin BuildingLet’s make Our an initial GameConclusion

I. What is Roblox Studio?

Roblox Studio is a free development program developed and also offered by Roblox. It’s explained as one “immersive development engine” the comes equipped through all the tools one would need for coding, building, and developing Roblox games using the Lua programming language. Right now supported by Windows and also macOS, Roblox plan to broaden the studio’s portability by developing a variation for mobile operating systems such together Android and iOS.

II. Just how Do You gain Roblox Studio?

You can acquire Roblox Studio for complimentary from their official website. The download and installation process is quick and also easy, too.

Roblox Studio Requirements

Make certain your current device meets the minimum requirements:

For pc – home windows 7 or higher, to run IE 11 or higherFor Mac – macOS 10.11 or higherProcessor – 1.6 GHz or betterMemory – at the very least 1GB of device memoryInternet access – this will help keep your software application up-to-date and permit you to consistently save your jobs to her Roblox account

Roblox Studio Installation

Click the button. It will prompt the mechanism to search your maker for an existing version of Roblox Studio. If you already have the studio mounted on your device, the prompt will tell girlfriend so. Otherwise, you’ll check out a new button in the pop-up window titled “Download Studio.”Hit “Download Studio” to start the setup. The Roblox Studio installer is straightforward and also intuitive. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and also prompts anytime applicable!

Once you’ve safely mounted Roblox Studio, you can launch it via the desktop icon or the dock symbol (depending on i beg your pardon you chose during setup).


C. Millions of committed Players

Roblox was an initial launched in September 2006. In January 2021, Roblox struggle an incredible milestone: 199 million monthly energetic users—a large increase from its previous record of 121 million in February 2020. The this number, estimates put the at around 32.6 million daily active users.

What this way is that if you put out a video game on Roblox, over there is a opportunity for it to be viewed by 32.6 million individuals in one day. In a month, her game might be displayed to 199 million. If even just 0.5% that the daily active users watch it, it is 163,000 potential football player for her game.

For new developers, it have the right to be extremely challenging to get even a portion of this exposure ~ above an elevation platform there is no marketing that in some way (which would certainly be an expense). By utilizing the studio to consequently distribute your video game on Roblox’s platform, you deserve to at least have actually your video game played and/or experiment by a few hundred to a few thousand human being with practically no advertising.

VI. Let’s do Our an initial Game

In this totally free Roblox Studio tutorial, the team will teach you how tomake your very own custom Obby food from the floor up making use of Roblox Studioand the Lua programming language.

For those of girlfriend interested in exactly how to usage Roblox Studio and how to make agood Roblox game, this is a great place come start!

For those who are brand-new to Roblox scripting, you re welcome remember that Romewasn’t built in a day. While us all desire to make millions of Robux in our firstweek, it’s important that you find out the basics first. You will then be able to move onto more complex games with many potentialfor commercialization.

For those Roblox entrepreneurs who would prefer to learn just how to do Tycoongames, Simulator games, Dodgeball games, gyeongju games, and BattleRoyale games, inspect out’s award-winning virtual courses with a totally free trial here.

Our hope is that you’ll produce a custom Obby video game that you’ll be proud toshow friends and family, and that you’ll proceed your Roblox GameDevelopment journey (and perhaps even make some Robux along the way)!Again, if you room interested in more Roblox coding and also game developmentinstruction, girlfriend can check out’s digital courses i m sorry teach you howto make dozens that Roblox games, consisting of Tycoon games, Dodgeballgames, racing courses, Adventure Maps, rate Simulators, battle Royalegames, and more. has actually affordable monthly subscriptions through a complimentary trial that also teachstudents how produce Minecraft mods, mobile video game apps, 3D gamings usingUnreal 4 Engine, and also custom websites.

And just a heads up (as if that isn’t noticeable by our name): is one onlinekids coding academy and the content we room posting space designed for kidsand teens. However even if you are an adult learner you should still discover the videosquite useful.

Step 1: Roblox Studio Editor: Basics

Roblox Studio Editor gives game developers with a variety of powerfultools. But prior to we space able to develop our an extremely own blockbuster course, it isimportant to the we come to be pros at the simple functionality.

In this Roblox Studio tutorial, we will go over exactly how to form objects and also partsto create visually dynamic environments. You will learn features such asMove, Scale, Rotate, and the basics the getting around the Roblox Editor.

We very suggest the you take your time familiarizing yourself with RobloxStudio’s countless navigation buttons and menus. While i think our video clip does anexcellent job going over the basics, girlfriend can inspect out the Roblox Wiki if you’dlike to dig even deeper.

Step 2: Roblox Studio Editor: walking Deeper

In this Roblox tutorial, we will go over exactly how to make your civilization colorful andunique. You will learn exactly how to develop different shame parts and apply differentmaterials and also properties to your world.

You will additionally learn just how to make parts transparent and how come lock obstacles inplace so the your Obby have the right to take shape.

The an abilities that you’ll learn here deserve to be applied to an virtually unlimited numberof other gamings that you can make with the Roblox editor.

We extremely recommend that you obtain really an excellent at the basic here, as this willsave girlfriend a ton the time as you construct future gamings on Roblox.

Step 3: Roblox Studio Editor: Explorer and also Properties Windows

Two the the most important windows in the Roblox Studio Editor room the Explorer and also Properties windows. These windows room the an essential to arranging your game and making complicated changes come the various parts you place.

In this video, fine learn exactly how to read the details in this windows and also use them to create our awesome obby.

Step 4: Roblox Scripting Basics

In order come make your Obby work, you will should learn basic Lua scripting.Lua is a an effective scripting language the will permit you to make your gamecome to life.

Lua has been provided to do thousands of renowned games and also apps and also is agreat programming language come learn.

Fortunately for you, Roblox Studio has actually a native, user-friendly message editor that iseasy to learn.

In this video, us go over just how to add scripts come our video game objects. We additionally give review of Lua variables, functions, and how toconnect features to occasions in our game.

You might likewise enjoy our breakout video, i m sorry is draft to make animportant coding ide – a function – basic to understand.

Step 5: develop Our an initial Script

Lastly, we’ll take every little thing we learned and use it to develop a kill block! this are some of the most popular hazards in any obby, and also now you’ll know exactly how they’re made!

While scripting utilizing text-based coding could seem intimidating in ~ first, justtake her time and also you’ll discover that it’s a lot simpler than you think! Lua is quiteeasy to learn, and also is an excellent first language for new game designers.What we particularly love around using Lua in Roblox Studio is the excellentdocumentation and also helpful community.

If friend stick with it, you’ll discover that Game breakthrough with Roblox making use of theLua scripting language is fun and very rewarding.


There you have it; a quick overview that Roblox Studio – and also what set it apart from other video game engines. To recap:

What is Roblox Studio?How do You gain Roblox Studio?What manuscript Does Roblox Studio Use?What’s therefore Special about Roblox Studio?Things to Know prior to You start BuildingLet’s make Our an initial Game

Roblox has certainly caught the industry with its unique setup and also cooperative gaming model. Enabling any player to create and also publish games for totally free is a hugely valuable feature that, frankly, not numerous companies can boast of. And also developers can also stand to knife from the gamings they placed out utilizing a totally free development, publishing, and distribution platform.

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This is why Roblox Studio proceeds to be among the ideal scripting platforms for both beginning of the person coders and experienced programmers. The caters to every ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. If girlfriend or your kid is interested in coding, us can’t recommend this communication enough!

Are you all set to take her Roblox suffer to the following level? Enroll in for a complimentary trial.