I am right now considering do a game, but since I nothing have home builders club (and I have only 40


Generally, you shouldn’t waste her time on producing games without having BC.

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Say you have made 100 thousand robux off of your game; the price friend would obtain in robux would be 10 thousand. In mine opinion, the isn’t an excellent at all, not also decent.

Even if girlfriend aren’t developing your game for robux, you will do it still require robux for developers (if she hiring), and also generally speaking, you’re going to desire robux one time or one more anyway.

What you have the right to do is keep making your game and when its prefer 60%- 80% finish you deserve to then acquisition premium. As


Ask someone v premium to develop a group for you. Then develop the video game on surname of the group so friend only have actually a 30% marketplace fee on your game purchases.

This is what I generally do, ns haven’t spent any kind of real money top top this.

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Getting cost-free BC yourselfThis sounds sort of sketchy and also well it does it seems to be ~ sketchy but it’s reliable. If you didn’t know, Microsoft supplies rewards for utilizing their search engine Bing, among the rewards is a 10$ Microsoft Giftcard. Please keep in mind that this method requires windows 10 operating and make sure that you have the piersonforcongress.com application installed. If you decision to grind the rewards system you’ll have the ability to get BC every month.

Asking a friendIf friend don’t have a Windows 10, or unable to install the piersonforcongress.com app (the factor you require it is because it straight charges your microsoft account if you room logged in) climate your following option would be to do a group, and also then asking a girlfriend to change the prices for you. (This will change the rates)

One word (or alot more…), Yes. Firstly, acquire a commision, and also advertise yourself. Next produce a group, as much as I understand you no longer need Premium to produce yourself a group (I haven’t experiment it, despite so not 100% count on that.) do your video game there, and you’re every set. Perhaps get yourself a couple of investors to help advertise, and also best the luck come ya!

(I can provide you one old airport team if you’d like, you no longer need Premium to transfer team owners either!
(will take it a bit, tested the no premium owner transfer v my brother, he’ll have to get on))