Clair is the gym leader the theBlackthorn Gym, probably the very first place after ~ the Pokemon center that you will want to visit.This is the eighth and final badge for the Johto region, and also is the final step to entering the PokemonLeague. If you can"t acquire into this gym because of a guy blocking it, you have forgotten come beat something previously in the game.

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Before you battle Clair, you"ll have to push three boulders into holes to make a path over the moltenlava below. Of course, you"ll also be battling trainers.

Clair has actually dragon-type Pokemon, three Dragonair, and one Kingdra. You"ll gain $4000 for beating her. That"s all. Friend won"t be obtain the badge yet. Friend must first surf behind the gym come a cave called the Dragon"s Den, and also get an item called the Dragon Fang.

Dragon"s Den

You"ll need to acquire passed a whirlpool in bespeak to get to the item, so you"ll require a Pokemon with HM 06 -Whirlpool. After obtaining Dragon Fang, Clair will walk approximately you the Rising Badge, andTM 24 - Dragonbreath. Currently all Pokemon will certainly obey you, and also you"ll be able to use Waterfall outsideof battles.

In Crystal, that is different. Friend won"t be acquiring the DragonFang. Instead, you"ll enter a house, called the Dragon"s Shrine. Inside, you"ll be asked part questionshaving to execute with Pokemon (the Trainer Challenge). These questions are quite easy if friend really space a good Pokemon Trainer. If you gain them smoothly, Clair will come and give friend the badge.

If friend go back into the Dragon Shrine and talk come the head sage, he"ll give you a Dratini.

Exit Dragon"s Den, and also Professor Elm will contact you. He speak you the he has actually somethingfor you back at brand-new Bark Town.

Two much more Things

But before you leave, you can drop off a TM or HM indigenous a Pokemon of her in a house dubbed the relocate Deleter"s House.

Next, you"ll accomplish Santos top top Saturday. He"ll offer you Spell Tag, it increases ghost-type attacks.Now it"s time to walk home!

Route 45 and also 46

As friend walk back to brand-new Bark Town, you"ll happen by route 45 and also 46. You"ll satisfy a coupleof trainers, and get some items. Yet be careful! when you jump over a hill, friend can"t walk back. This meansyou"ll should go every the way south. Listed below are the Pokemon that deserve to be found on these 2 routes.

Locations (Route 45 and also 46)
Crystal Locations

Home, Sweet Home!

You"re finally earlier at new Bark Town! go to Professor Elm"s lab, and also he"ll provide you a Masterball!After gaining this and the Rainbow Wing, Silver Wing, or Clear Bell, you can go and also catch among thelegendary Pokemon!


In bespeak to record Ho-oh, go earlier to Ecruteak City, and also tothe believe Tower. You"ll find Ho-oh on the rooftop, sit in the sun, waiting for the to be captured.Save the game prior to you fight it, due to the fact that there"s only one of them! an Ultra Ball have to beable to carry out the job.

In stimulate to catch Lugia, go to the Whirl Islands, southof Olivine City. You"ll require a Pokemon with Whirlpool, Surf, and Flashin order to get it. Lugia is likewise lv. 40 and will offer you 1257 suffer points if friend beat it.But don"t, ns mean, why would you anyway? This is a legendary, ~ all.

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Let"s go On

After capturing one of them, go back to brand-new Bark Town, and get all set for the Pokemon League.Make sure that you have actually a Pokemon v Surf and also Waterfall. Now surf east from new Bark Town.